Accountability Kicked Trump in the Head

Accountability Kicked Trump in the Head
Accountability Kicked Trump in the Head (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

It is a sweet thing to watch the law reach out to Donald Trump and grab him by the neck. A long overdue matter to most Americans who have started to lose faith in our justice system as it pretended to cherish accountability but seems to miss its mark when it comes to holding the 45th President, or any powerful white people, answerable to the law. Of late, though, some of that trust in our legal system has been regained by the public after noting how accountability kicked Trump in the head in a courtroom in New York.

Never in American history, a man like Trump has ascended to power to wreak havoc on our institutions and the rule of law. The 45th President, no real patriot should have ever voted for him, has done more damage to our republic than any previous commander-in-chief since the Declaration of Independence.

Suffice to say that he re-energized the racists and the bigots to a boiling point we all see in today’s legislative bodies, be they existing at the national level, or the state level.


Because of institutional and organized racism, the American experience has been peddling since the first slave touched our shores, the United States has had two legal systems rolled into one. One that treated the white man with kid’s gloves, and another system only the black and brown people suffered from that raged with discrimination, pettiness, and hatred.

Culturally speaking, there are things African-Americans practice that other races in America do not. So, the white racists targeted those elements in their culture to throw as many black men in jail as possible. This after creating ghettos to segregate them for easy targeting.

The Sentencing Project found that black men are incarcerated at five times the rate of white men. Why, some might say, they deserve it because they are breaking the law. What would a white man do if the U.S. built concentration camps (i.e. ghettos) for white families and camps and deprived them of any and all economic opportunities? They would, too, revolt against a system that denied their humanity.

Black men commit crimes because we force them to by denying them their basic human rights, as the white racists treat them not as equals, as per the Declaration of Independence, but as a sub-human race.


To see, for once, a powerful white man pay a price for his unlawful behavior cast a wider positive net on our perception of our legal system. Even if that system, on so many occasions, like in the case of the Sackler family, has failed us by abandoning all decorum and pretenses to defend a rich and powerful family behind the death of hundreds of thousands of people with the Opioid crisis.

In America, you hang a tree on your rearview mirror, you go to jail after a beating at the hands of an ex-Klansman now wearing a police uniform. You kill tens of thousands of people, you are a free man. Two legal system rolled into one, which claims the liberties of black Americans and let white men walk free. One for petty crimes, and the other for the ultimate crime.

So, to see how accountability kicked Trump in the head is truly historical. One does not see this occur every day. Mind you, Trump has fostered so many enemies in his life, his very existence was bound to catch up to accountability.

Who is next? All those who empowered Donald Trump, like Mark Meadows, to conspire to reverse our elections for his own personal benefit. They, too, must answer to our justice system, and must serve long prison sentences.

Just like the helpless and poor black man whose car had a broken taillight because he could not afford to fix it.

Accountability Kicked Trump in the Head

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