Biden or Trump Could Win in 2024

Biden or Trump Could Win in 2024
Biden or Trump Could Win in 2024

In the most recent poll, the Wall Street Journal conducted, it highlighted two facts about President Joe Biden that pegged 46% of voters selecting him as the next President. Exactly the same percentage Donald Trump earned in the same poll. How could an incumbent president as American as Apple Pie poll the same way as an unhinged past U.S. President who has to defend against 91 criminal counts and may end up in jail in 2024? How is that possible? The fact that Biden or Trump could win in 2024 point to two main factors related to Biden: His age and the economy, led by a merciless inflation.

Who would have believed such tragedy? Certainly not Biden, who chose to ignore his critics by pressing on to win re-election despite his advanced age he knew millions of voters would refute. We all could forgive the President for believing that “Certainly my age is trivial compared to Trump’s coup d’état against his own government”.

It turned out, because of the ignorance of tens of millions of Americans who still believe Trump won the 2020 elections, Trump’s criminality has no bearing on the election’s outcome of 2024.

Welcome to hell if Trump wins in 2024.


Guess what? If both men face off in 2024 and Trump loses again, he will not concede again, and we have a repeat of 2020. How is that for a twilight zone episode like this country has never witnessed before.

And because millions still believe that Trump has won in 2020, we all have the opportunity to regurgitate 2020 all over again. It goes to show us all how potent is the power of a lie that Trump keeps repeating even though he has admitted privately he lost the elections. Who has seen that tape of his confession? Maybe five pro-trump supporters. The rest just listen to the Führer’s words and believe them.

Donald Trump has embraced Nazi-era proven practices, which is why we call Trump a Führer. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief, once quipped:

If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.Joseph Goebbels


Guess what is going to happen in 2024 if Trump loses again? Yes, it’s Groundhog Day for America. We all will wake up the next day of the 2024 elections, and it’s 2020 all over again. How is that for closure, thanks to all the nincompoops Trump supporters who refuse to see the logic of the facts.

But then, potentially, Trump might actually win. If he does, kiss this democracy goodbye. In his first year in office, he may try to purge 50,000 federal employees and place his supporters as replacements.

And on his next phone call to one of them asking for 11,800 votes for a Senator or a Congressman to win Georgia, these votes would magically appear. The other 49,999 federal pro-Trump employees would make sure no one would ever be able to investigate the steal.

Welcome to hell if Trump wins in 2024.

Biden or Trump Could Win in 2024

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