After the McConnell Big Gaffe, Will Joe Manchin Play Ball Now?

After the McConnell Big Gaffe, Will Joe Manchin Play Ball Now

In this new post-the previous one era, bipartisanship has become the catch-all, magic word everyone seems to suddenly give a damn about even though one of the most crucial piece of legislation recently passed the Senate without a single GOP vote. Yet, this noble but impossible goal of bipartisanship in today’s extreme environments seems to endure despite the obvious. Recently, the American public got a taste of what the GOP has in store for any democratic effort to pass any other critical legislation. Mitch McConnell, who likes to refer to himself as the “Grim Reaper“, declared in no uncertain terms that “One hundred percent of my focus is on stopping this new administration.” After the McConnell big gaffe killing the concept of bipartisanship in one short sentence, will Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who have been hesitant about a Senate voting along party lines only, play ball now by empowering the President’s bold agenda?

Will both Democratic Senators, who have been refusing to kill the Filibuster, realize that as long as Senator Mitch McConnell remains in control of 50 Senators, no one should expect any meaningful legislation to go past his gate. Not H.R.1, not the infrastructure bill, not any of the police reform bills, and not the latest American Families Plan. Unless McConnell is able to dilute their effectiveness to the point of rendering them useless and futile. As he said it himself, the man is committed to 100% stopping the Biden Administration.

Therefore, let us just stop hailing bipartisanship. We are fooling ourselves.

Welcome to the new GOP. A political organization built on lies, conspiracies, and killing bipartisanship; besides violence when it abdicated its responsibilities to warn the public about the danger of COVID-19. Their TV mouthpiece thinks strangers should call the police on parents whose children wear masks.

Honestly, can you figure the GOP’s American Exceptionalism? I can not.

Senator Joe Manchin listens to the money, not his voters.


With all the anger seething beneath the surface among the middle class and the impoverished, one would think the billionaires holding the reigns of power would seek to reverse the Reaganomics trend. The truth is they are doubling down on not only maintaining their grip on our government and its Frankenstein Capitalist direction, but they are also refusing to see the danger that lies ahead. It’s the billionaires of this country, totally in control of the GOP and its purse, who are telling these old white GOP men to stop the Biden-proposed legislation coming through the pipeline.

Do you think 100% of the GOP Senators would vote against President Biden’s American Rescue Plan had it not been for the rich threatening to hold funding of their re-election campaigns? We have, by far, the most corrupt political system in the world for one good reason: Corruption is practiced openly and lawfully. Nothing is under the table like in third-world countries; and no one fears the implications of the damage they might be causing millions of people. Or fear from any legal jeopardy these billionaires might be facing as a result of their destructive actions. They have already paid for the laws to protect them and their identities.

These are the powerful people who tell Senator Joe Manchin what to vote for and what to ignore. The calls for bipartisanship on the part of the Senator is pure spin.

Believe it or not, Senator Joe Manchin listens to the money, not his voters.

To answer the question whether Manchin will play ball, the answer is: No, I do not think he will after the McConnell big gaffe. He is already working on finding another excuse for continuing to oppose Joe Biden’s progressive agenda. One that the country needs today to reverse 40 years of Reagan and Clinton bad policies.

After the McConnell Big Gaffe, Will Joe Manchin Play Ball Now?

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