All Black Americans Should Abandon the State of Missouri

All Black Americans Should Abandon the State of Missouri
Seditionist Josh Halwey and Racist Roy Blunt

An incident outside Kansas City, Missouri caught my eye. Apparently, someone believed circulating a petition to bring back slavery was the appropriate thing to do. The incident took place at Park Hill South High School, and although district leaders condemned the petition as did the superintendent of Park Hill South, parents in that neck of the wood are adamant about challenging the Critical Race Theory more than a circulating petition to invite slavery back. Considering the lack of sensitivity among many white racist people in Kansas, all black Americans should abandon the State of Missouri to the white folks.

Let the city of Kansas and any others in Missouri deal with, among other things, who will take care of their children and who will drive them to schools. Let white racist Missourians stock their own supermarket shelves and flip their own burgers.

Furthermore, let the white racist Missourians deal with a shortage of black nurses, black educators, black doctors and lawyers, and black administrators. Let the same mothers questioning the teachings of the Critical Race Theory lift Missouri on their own shoulders through their own sweat and tears. At $7.25 an hour, no less.

If racism bothers them, let them live without the hard working African Americans many of whom would fare much better if accorded the respect they deserve.

Let the racists learn, once and for all, that the Critical Race Theory is a manifestation of an effect, which is the result of a cause. Their cause.


What did the State of Missouri give us but the seditionist Josh Hawley who tried to overturn the elections by disrupting Congress? A man who is willing to kiss Trump’s ass on more than one occasion to stay in his favor.

Morning Joe on MSNBC asked one morning after the insurrection “Why is Josh Hawley not in jail?“. Many of us would like an answer to this question. Anyway, this is Missouri’s contribution of late. A Senator who is willing to dismantle our democracy just so that his racist kind can hold office.

In fascist perpetuity, if we let them.

Well, to all those racist Missourians and Critical Race Theory obstructionists, who voted for the seditionist and traitor Hawley, you can all go and shove it.

If this is your representation, then you deserve your own all-white state run totally by all-white laborers. We hope the black people leave Missouri causing you an economic boycott of gargantuan proportion.

Many white racist Missourians are questioning systematic racism because it makes them feel uncomfortable to look themselves in the mirror. Many think we should just shovel their race history under the carpet just like Donald Trump is trying to re-write the insurrection’s history.


The other Senator from Missouri is a Bona Fide racist through and through.

In 2009, when you know who was President, this white racist trash got on stage and told a joke. No need to repeat his filth, here it is on YouTube.

The barbaric racist thinks we have monkeys in Washington.

Dear Missourians, if this your representation, then you don’t deserve our respect. You can shove your white racist asses in your own farm manure.

Between a circulating petition to bring back slavery and white racists questioning the purpose of the Critical Race Theory, whose intent is to expose their continued and unabated racism, I think the black people are better off leaving the state.

Let see how well the same obstructionists can manicure their own golf course, or shovel their own snow every day of the week.

Here is something you did not know. Missouri’s bragging rights are not hard to find because it is home to 10 cities with the most Klu Klux Klan members.

The Show Me state shows its true colors through its ugly racism.

All Black Americans Should Abandon the State of Missouri

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