Biden Raised $97m Because of The Gaza Genocide

Biden Raised $97m Because of The Gaza Genocide
Biden Raised $97m Because of The Gaza Genocide

President Joe Biden raised $97m in the fourth quarter, which is an increase by $26m from the previous quarter. That’s a 37% increase. Don’t bet against the notion that AIPAC and Zionist Jewish money stepped up big time, and the fact that Biden raised $97m is because of the Gaza genocide. That’s blood money for the worst U.S. President in modern history. How do we know that? Biden’s approval rating is down to 33%, the lowest ever been for him and for any incumbent U.S. President, one year out of his re-election in November.

The longer he facilitates the Gaza genocide, the more Americans seem to dislike him, but the more money he raises. This shows that Biden only cares about raising money, and the least he cares about are the Palestinian civilians Israel is killing, or even his own past voters who are abandoning him in droves.

How could someone be so unpopular, yet raise so much money? Yes, you guessed it. AIPAC and the Zionist Jewish billionaires who adore Biden and the way he is still standing by Israel as it mass murders women and children by the tens of thousands.

As for Israeli hostage release, does anyone have any doubt that if Hamas releases the hostages, the bombs and the terror would double? Even if Hamas wants to release them, it can’t because given the long history of Israeli violence, it’s tantamount to the idea of committing Seppuku.

Next time you hear Biden condition the ceasefire on the release of Israeli hostages, you will know that the true intent of the U.S. and the Israeli governments is to destroy Gaza and kill its civilians, not save the hostages.

If Israel wanted to tailor a better puppet U.S. President, it could not have done any better than Joe Biden.


Biden’s popularity dropped to the point of no return, we believe, no matter how much money he raises. He is betting on a scarecrow tactic to demonize Donald Trump as a pro-abortion candidate to make-up for the four million Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans votes he has already lost. Not to count millions more of Gen Z voters. In Michigan, a swing state, the latest polls show him trailing Trump by 8 points (47% to 39%). In 2020, Biden won Michigan by almost 3%. The president dropped by a total of 11% just in Michigan alone.

All thanks for his blind support for the Gaza genocide.

In Ohio, Biden trails Trump by 12 points. In 2020, Trump won Ohio by 7.9 points. The gap is getting larger in another swing state.

In another swing state of Georgia, Trump leads Biden 45% to 37%, when in 2020 Biden squeezed by, winning Georgia by 0.3 points.

Come November, not only those who oppose him for his unfettered support of Israel are going to either vote for Trump, or not vote at all, but it seems there are tens of millions of Americans who are already bidding him goodbye. Just as they bid Jimmy Carter goodbye in the 1980 elections after a big foreign screw-up (American hostages in Iran).


Folks, money is not going to save Joe Biden in November. No matter how much funds he raises and spends, voters have reached the saturation point where they will turn off their TV’s if they see his face appear in any commercial.

It’s called disgust. Just as the world is harboring much of the same disgust for Benjamin Netanyahu for his crimes against humanity in Gaza.

Biden has become delusional, mostly because of the mistakes he is making, which challenge any reasonable mind.

No one is going to save Joe Biden from himself. He is his own worst enemy.

Biden Raised $97m Because of The Gaza Genocide

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