Biden Shallow Water Jumping Head First

Biden Shallow Water Jumping Head First
Biden Shallow Water Jumping Head First

Joe Biden has imposed sanctions on four Israeli terrorist settlers as a gesture towards the Arab-American communities that he needs their votes, desperately, come November. Honestly, Biden does not get it. He thinks if he forbids four nobody Jewish terrorists, he could appease Arabs and Muslims. He believes that barring four Jewish terrorists from visiting the United States, it would be enough to sway the 4 million Arab-Americans to vote for him. Biden shallow water jumping head first in Israel’s extremist camp, without calculating the consequences, is coming back to bite him big time today as Arab-Americans, who literally control the Michigan outcome of the Presidential elections, refuse to support him.

The fool.

When Hamas attacked on October 7, he should have consulted his campaign managers first, who would probably have told him to steer clear of sending weapons, unconditionally, to an extremist Israeli government if he cared about the votes of millions of Americans who do not support Israeli genocide, or a President facilitating that genocide.

If Biden loses the elections, which we believe he will, he has no one to blame but himself. A liberal U.S. President does not send lethal weapons, with no conditions attached, to a bunch of madmen foaming at the mouth.

It’s aircraft carriers to secure the borders of Israel, but horse riding rangers to secure our own.


To show his disrespect for the Arab-Americans in this country, Biden dispatched his campaign staff to engage with them, instead of his policy staff who are ardent Zionists working closely with AIPAC to plan the one disastrous policy that is going to make him a one-term President.

And if Biden thinks AIPAC cares about Biden, he is even a bigger fool than we think. All that gratitude for his support for Israel will dissipate in a moment if AIPAC thinks he is about to lose. The next President up would deliver as much, if not more, than Biden has. AIPAC has already rigged and re-rigged the system.

Had Biden had any self-discipline, he would have gauged the public first about supporting an Israeli bombing of Gaza that the world would view as genocidal. Instead, the President has no choice, today, but to contain the damage because of Biden shallow water jumping head first. As of now, he has already lost the state of Michigan in November, but we also believe he has already lost Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Arizona as well.

There is enough diversity in these states who sympathize with the Palestinians because of similar fates that European settlers have perpetrated against their own communities throughout history to swing them against Joe Biden. It’s panic mode at Biden’s campaign HQ.

Biden still does not get how big a liability Israel has become to U.S. interests, and the negative outcome it is able to impose on Presidential elections of sitting Presidents. The man has no clue.

Genocide Joe does not deserve the confidence of voters for the grave mistakes he is making. It’s aircraft carriers to secure the borders of Israel, but horse riding rangers to secure our own.

People see through his incompetence clearly.

Biden Shallow Water Jumping Head First

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