Israel Is Directing Biden To Attack Iran

Israel Is Directing Biden To Attack Iran
Israel Is Directing Biden To Attack Iran

Violence is ratcheting up in the Middle East and domestic rhetoric is dangerously progressing in Washington to violently respond to Iran for its alleged indirect attack on the U.S. base in Jordan, which killed 3 U.S. servicemen and injured 30. The rhetoric to attack Iran reminds us all how the same rhetoric to attack Iraq unfolded in 2003. And just like in 2003, Zionist American agents are calling for retaliation, which means Israel is directing Biden to start a new war with Iran.

Even though the U.S. remains in the dark about whodunit.

Israel never fails to take advantage of our trigger-happy military establishment and the greed of defense contractors to serve its interests. Often, at the expense of American sweat, blood, and tears. It’s today’s Israeli Modus Operandi to let the idiotic Americans fight its wars.

We don’t even know if Iran is behind the attack (Iran denied it). But, already warmongers like Senator Lindsey Graham, who supported wholeheartedly the Iraq War, are calling for Biden to hit Tehran proper.

The idiot Graham is Israel’s best Zionist friend in the Senate. He will do anything for AIPAC’s support, including sending our best and bravest to the slaughterhouse.

Israel, in reality, is the only cause for American isolation on the world stage.


Make no mistake about it, Israel couldn’t care less about American lives. To destroy Iran, like it already has destroyed Gaza, and Iraq before it, Israel would go to hell and back. This also means that Israel would not hesitate one minute to attack the U.S. base and blame it on Iran.

Biden, being Biden, is absolutely clueless about the evil of Israel.

Everything Europeans complained about in the evil of Zionism, which ended up kicking the Jews of Europe, now resides in Israel. It is a concentration of pure evil. This is why we are skeptical of the idea that Iran may have anything to do with the drone attack.

Did you notice how fast Biden accused Iran, even though his own administration was quoted as saying we are still gathering evidence? Israel has already directed Biden to start a war with Iran, and he is pretty much obliging them.

Watch Biden make another humongous mistake to keep him out of the White House come November 2024. The problem is that his mistake is going to cost the U.S. countless lives in the service of Israel. Like the Intercept wrote, Israel has become a liability to American interests, and the sooner we realize its evil, the sooner the world would open its arms to welcome America. Israel, in reality, is the only cause for American isolation on the world stage.

Meanwhile, the idiot Biden is still napping.

Israel Is Directing Biden To Attack Iran

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