Biden Will Keep Ignoring Advice

Biden Will Keep Ignoring Advice
Biden Will Keep Ignoring Advice

There have been so many letters and urgent requests from diplomats, legislators, and national security officials to implement a ceasefire in Gaza, and Biden ignored them all. Only to find out they were right, as his polling numbers have dipped below the water line. Today, some 70 former Ambassadors and retired State Department personnel to include intelligence officers wrote Joe Biden another letter asking him to withhold financial aid to Israel if it keeps blocking food going into Gaza. Our guess is that Biden will keep ignoring advice and will never use the tools at his disposal to stop Israeli terror against the women and children of Gaza.

And his numbers will dip even further. To call Biden a stubborn fool is like calling LeBron James the greatest ever. It’s true, and it rolls easily off a tongue.

The jury is still out whether he is a wimp unable to make the tough decisions, or whether he is as ignorant a President who lacks good judgment. We believe it is a combination of the two.

Between ignoring the advice of far more superior intelligent people in his own administration, or past administrations of Democratic Presidents, Biden instead believes he could have his cake and east it too.


Biden could trick the voters into believing he changed course, and he could keep sending Israel weapons every 36 hours. Furthermore, he could change the rhetoric to look as if he favors a change in policy, and he could continue to back Israel no matter the consequences for his presidency.

And he is doing both. Simultaneously and unashamedly.

With Biden, there is only one way for sure we know he has changed policy on Gaza. For the U.S. to implement a no-fly-zone over Gaza and force open all venues for aid trucks to have free passage. Anything short of these concrete moves is just signature Biden conniving moves to deceive the voters into believing he is a changed man.

The United States proposal for a U.N. Resolution that called for a ceasefire in Gaza is as fake as they come. The language is ambiguous enough to interpret it as a “ceasefire that allows Israel to invade Rafah”. Both China and Russia were right to veto it.

Instead of doing the right thing by stopping Israeli terror against the women and children of Gaza, the sneaky Biden is first trying to fool everyone into believing he wants a ceasefire.

No one is biting, Joe. We’ll see you November 5, 2024.


To add insult to injury, Benjamin Netanyahu is playing Joe Biden like a harp. Everything Biden is throwing at him, like speeches and media leaks, Netanyahu is laughing at him from a long distance. Those patriotic American who wrote Biden the letter understand fully that it is not Biden that Netanyahu is mocking, but the Office of the President of the United States of America.

They all couldn’t care less about Biden the person, but they all cherish the Institution he represents, and which Biden has turned into a doormat for Netanyahu. Their motive is to safeguard the reputation of the U.S. in the hands of a senile old man who needs about 3 months average to make a decision.

It’s their love for their country that prompted them to write their letter.

But Biden, being who he is, will read it differently. He will stand firm because he thinks nobody should challenge him. But not before he screams his lungs out at his staff, and curses them to high hell. Another one of his signature grump moves.

The U.S. deserves better than Joe Biden. And no, we are not saying the answer is Donald Trump, who is as moronic and as dangerous as Biden has been. But for heaven’s sake, out of at least 100 million eligible Americans, these two are the best of the litter.

We deserve better, and we deserve that Biden listens to the experts and the voters first. Not to all the Zionists that pretty much control all the centers of power in his administration.

Biden Will Keep Ignoring Advice

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