Blanket Presidential Pardons for Abortion Practitioners

Blanket Presidential Pardon for Abortion Practitioners
Pro-Trump Evangelist Extremist Attorney-General of Indiana Todd Rokita

Here is a sobering reality of what the Evangelist crusade against doctors is going to look like until Congress impeaches Justices Kavanaugh, Alito, Barrett, Gorsuch, and Thomas for swearing under oath that Roe vs. Wade was settled law, or “Stare decisis”. Republican extreme religious zealots, like Attorney-General Todd Rokita in backward Indiana, are going to prosecute doctors who perform, or aid, in getting an abortion. In this case, one that got a 10-year old girl pregnant after a rape. This is how extreme Republican Evangelism has become. The White House must act now to stop all these religious zealots by issuing a blanket Presidential Pardons for all abortion practitioners. Especially when it comes to the circumstances of a rape of a 10-year old girl.

We need to shut down religious extremism in all its forms. If we can fight the extremism of Taliban, we should also be able to fight the extremism of Todd Rokita the crusader.

Do it now, Mr. President. The State of Indiana is about to bankrupt Dr. Caitlin Bernard as she defends herself because of religious extremism. It is going after her license to practice as a warning to other doctors should they help other 10-years old rape victims.

President Joe Biden should issue blanket Presidential Pardons now to anyone providing necessary abortions extremists view as murder.


Why would Rokita prosecute a doctor who helped a 10-year old rape victim if he did not think he can force his morals on other people? This headline-grabber fanatic could have understood the necessity of the actions of the doctor who assisted, but instead he chose to use the powers of his office to make her a model of Evangelist persecution.

Rape, or no rape. 10-years old, or not. This fanatic was not about to miss his chance to try and persecute using Christianity as his weapon. After all, only the extreme Christians on the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, which looks like a Christian Crusade against their own.

In the meantime, Rokita the Trumpist thinks it is OK for the former President to pay for sex, to interfere in elections, and to tamper with witnesses. America cannot possibly survive this white two-justice system, and we will pay a dear price for this ignorance down the road. Thanks to Rokita and his kind.

What’s next for Evangelism? My bet is that they are itching to go after the 10-year old girl for acquiescing to a rape. The only thing standing in Rokita’s way are the optics this may show the world.

Maybe finally we understand why the separation of church and state is such an important element in the building blocks of a true civilization. When religious extremists, be it in Iran, Afghanistan, Indiana, or Texas, try to impose their view of the world upon everyone else, it is rolling back the clock to medievalism to put an end to civilizational progress.

President Joe Biden should issue blanket Presidential Pardons now to anyone providing necessary abortions extremists view as Godless.

Blanket Presidential Pardons for Abortion Practitioners

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