The Behind-the-Scene Spy Game

The Behind-the-Scene Spy Game
The Behind-the-Scene Spy Game

Any whiff of a dictator faltering in his rule cracks the door open for the U.S. National Security apparatus to flip high-level officials into spying for the U.S., which accelerates the demise of that dictator’s regime. The weaker Putin looks on the world stage, the higher the chances that opportunists surrounding him start buying their life insurance policies from Langley; especially if they have much to fear from the West. Today, the behind-the-scene spy game might be reaching fever pitch levels as the United States is most likely increasing its human intelligence reach inside the Kremlin.

Who knows? Maybe the U.S. has flipped Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy head of the Russian Security Council. His latest statement has a dire warning for his own country. Who is paying attention in Russia when the top echelon of Putin’s government is busy prosecuting a war they cannot afford to lose?

Would our intelligence services been able to flip Russian operatives during the Trump era?


Let us recall the hesitation of President Biden, at the beginning of the war, to send effective weapons for Ukraine to defend against Putin’s war. That was the result of his own personal instincts, which usually err on the side of caution; in addition to not fully understanding how Putin might react to a U.S. proxy war in Ukraine.

However, slowly and surely, the President began to send more weapons and to commit more resources as time went by. People close to Joe Biden would most likely tell you that his nature would have been to wait and see, or to stay circumspect at best standing by for more favorable intelligence.

Could that more favorable intelligence have come from high-level Russian spies inside the Kremlin hedging their bets? You bet, it could be the reason why President Joe Biden seems more confident, and more willing to send sophisticated lethal weapons to Ukraine when, at first, he hesitated and procrastinated on this issue for a long time. Biden, for all we know, may have a front seat inside the Kremlin. The briefings he is receiving might just be encouraging enough to help Ukraine uninterruptedly and with more daring moves and deeper commitments from Washington.

It is hard not to imagine that some high officials in Russia, well-placed to escape detection, may not be operating in a selfish manner to gain western acceptance for the time when the West forces Vladimir Putin out of power. The pecking order has already started, and it seems, given Biden’s new energy in assisting Ukraine, that the United States controls the line-up.

Would our intelligence services been able to flip Russian operatives during the Trump era? Not on your life. Donald would have spilled the beans to Vladimir faster than you could say “spy”.

The Behind-the-Scene Spy Game

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