DeSantis Should Pack and Go Home

DeSantis Should Pack and Go Home
DeSantis Should Pack and Go Home

If Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey are oblivious to the Governor’s polling numbers showing him trailing the former president by 30 points or more, his donors are not. At this point, DeSantis should pack and go home, unless he is selling his donors the fairy tale that things would change once the DOJ indicts Donald Trump. That he would bump Trump out of his way to take a straight line for his nomination as the GOP candidate for 2024. Maybe, DeSantis believes that his own wishful thinking will clear the Trump hurdle once and for all.

In the meantime, the DeSantis campaign keeps its foot on the pedal towards more extremist policies in Florida, less mass appealing statements, and bizarre ads that even people on the far right are questioning. It’s not unreasonable to say that the DeSantis strategy of sitting to the right of Donald Trump to attract his supporters to win the nomination is burning and crashing in mid-flight.

There is zero traction taking place.

Ron DeSantis is the wrong man doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.


The more people meet and hear Ron DeSantis, the clearer it becomes how disconnected he is from the public. One that he never cared for if you read the stories that have been printed about his lack of personal touch when he was a Congressman representing Florida.

This image of an uncharismatic leader is sure to be one of the reasons his numbers are tumbling. It seems that other than his wife, he has few admirers who, when they get to know him well, remain steady in their admiration for his personae.

Ron DeSantis is the wrong man doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. We all know it, but he still is ignoring the truth.

Even if Trump was not running, we don’t believe he would win the nomination. Registered Republicans would likely tilt towards Nikki Haley, or even Chris Christie or Mike Pence. The charisma thing hits you in the face like a cold shower.

Honestly speaking, it’s not just about charisma or connection with the voters. There is also the lack of presence or force of personality. When Trump enters a room, there is palatable excitement among his voters. On the other hand, when Ron DeSantis enters a room, there is a whimper and a flat splash. DeSantis will never compare to Trump for Trump’s freak of nature personality.

Even the tone of Ron DeSantis voice makes you wonder if he should not be a high school teacher berating his students during a history class.

If Floridians love his policies, they can keep him.


At this juncture in the campaign, Ron DeSantis should just pack and go home. Trump will easily defeat him, even from a prison cell. What will it take for this reality to set in? Probably for his donors to realize it’s a losing battle, and that time will not close the gap of trump running away with the nomination.

Furthermore, because of DeSantis extreme positions on everything, from condemning the LGBTQ community to banning books, from his atrocious position on abortion to his racism, DeSantis may have killed his chances to re-emerge again, after Trump, to claim the nomination for 2028 and beyond. The world knows who Ron DeSantis is, and the world is disinterested in another white nationalist and a bigot occupying the White House again.

If Floridians love his policies, they can keep him.

DeSantis Should Pack and Go Home

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