Did The Zionist Billionaires Threaten Biden?

Did The Zionist Billionaires Threaten Biden
Did The Zionist Billionaires Threaten Biden

No sooner than the US abstained from vetoing a U.N. Resolution to call for an immediate ceasefire, no sooner did Linda Thomas-Green, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, started watering down its impact. Simply by saying, “It’s non-binding”. We wonder why the Biden administration is showing pseudo-regrets. Did the Zionist billionaires threaten Biden to withhold financial support in light of the U.S. abstention vote for a Gaza ceasefire? Or did fear of Netanyahu grip Biden, the weakling, to backtrack on his own position?

After the vote was announced, the whole chamber erupted in hand clapping. Pure sounds of hate for Israel and its terror.

Although the U.N. Resolution is non-binding, and although Israel will ignore it as it ignored countless previous U.N. Resolutions condemning its actions against the Palestinian people, this vote is bitterly sweet. Especially coming after six months of suffering by the civilians in Gaza.

It will set a precedent by filling blank pages with good ink and computer screens with high resolution pixels. It will tell the world, every time a reporter writes about Israeli terror, that Israel is a pariah state that does not respect the rule of law. Furthermore, it will tell the people on earth that Israel does not respect their will as the majority standing against its genocide.

Isolating Israel is important to isolate its Zionist ideology of horrors.

That old man deserves nothing but the disdain and the contempt of our voices and intentions.


This Resolution is a good step forward, but hardly enough to stop the war. If the ICJ could not stop Israel, nothing will, short of starving Israel of weapons to kill the innocent and the injured.

As long as Joe Biden keeps sending weapons to Israel, he is as complicit in the genocide against Gaza as Netanyahu himself. One cannot mince the thoughts or the words behind the true intentions of Biden.

The Biden campaign may make another push for the Arab-American voters in the next few weeks. Do not be fooled. Telling them in their face that not until weapons no longer reach Israel, and plenty of food and aid reach the civilians in Gaza, you are not interested in talking to them.

And if they say, “Do you think Trump is better?”, the best answer is, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there”. Or, in simpler words, just let them know that at least Trump has the balls to stop Israel if he wanted to. That should get those nincompoops off your back.

No, we are not wishing for Trump to be president again, but the Arab-American community must yield such pressure against Biden that he will not be able to sustain his policy on Gaza. That’s the goal.

The aim is for Biden to change course. Seriously, and sooner than later. If he does not, and if not enough dead civilians give him nightmares at night, we want Biden to have as many sleepless nights as possible.

That old man deserves nothing but the disdain and the contempt of our voices and intentions.

Did The Zionist Billionaires Threaten Biden?

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