Does DeSantis Suffer From an Obsessive Disorder?

Does DeSantis Suffer From an Obsessive Disorder
Does DeSantis Suffer From an Obsessive Disorder?

OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, affects millions of Americans. It’s a behavioral disease that lead people to act repeatedly in an expected fashion. There is a precise and scripted pattern to people suffering from this disease. Having said that, the way Ron DeSantis has become obsessive over controlling Disney, it is fair to ask: Does DeSantis suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder? For over a year now, the Governor from Florida has incessantly attacked this celestial American corporation representing the true values of American families. By any measure of reason, his behavior, we believe, is quite abnormal. This gives us the right to question whether he suffers from a severe case of OCD.

It’s perfectly all right to suffer from OCD. But for someone running for the highest office in the land, don’t you think the American public has the right to know whether DeSantis is sickly obsessive and cannot control his behavior.

After all, let us not forget that his obsession with Disney led him to ignore the victims of the floods in Ft. Lauderdale. Now, just imagine for a moment, if he were to become a President, he begins to obsess over other matters and starts ignoring the needs of the country.

This is why we need to know if DeSantis and OCD are twin brothers.

For Disney, it is imperative the company engages its PR machine to question DeSantis sanity for the sake of our republic.


We believe that the day Ron DeSantis announces he is running for President, the media should insist on DeSantis making his medical records public; to include a psychiatrist profile. The latter will probably not happen, but don’t you think we have the right to know whether the next President is certifiably sane. No impulses, no obsessive behavior, and no uncontrollable urges.

We have the right to know.

His obsession with Disney should make every American voter uncomfortable. Furthermore, his obsession with banning books is worrisome. So is his obsession with attacking the Race Theory Renaissance this country is long overdue for. A Renaissance, which aims to enlighten our children about our history. His obsessions should be of concern to everyone.

In addition to the above, DeSantis has shown a propensity to obsess about waging culture wars. So much so that his whole policy agenda is just about this subject.

Medical records, please. It is imperative for the public to discover the personality traits of DeSantis obsessive behavior given his battles against Disney. For Disney, it is imperative the company engages its PR machine to question DeSantis sanity for the sake of our republic.

Does DeSantis Suffer from an Obsessive Disorder?

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