Gaza is Not About Hamas

Gaza is Not About Hamas
Gaza is Not About Hamas

Talk to anyone concerned about the war in Palestine, and they would tell you that Gaza is not about Hamas, but rather about the innocent women and children Israel is mass murdering for revenge over October 7. The same is true for the terrorist Zionists in Israel, their war is not about Hamas, rather, it is about the ethnic cleaning of Gaza to populate it with Jewish settlers. Folks, Hamas is just the excuse for the Zionists, and for the activists who do not care about what happens to Hamas as long as the civilians are safe in Gaza.

But to populate Gaza, the Zionists have first to kill all resistance to their plans. On many levels, and across much of the world. Biden huddling with Netanyahu to concoct plans to invade Rafah is about controlling the public opinion as Israel finishes all resistance to its full occupation and settling Gaza.

For the Zionists, the costs vs. benefits analysis is not even close to tip the balance in favor of the hostages.


Meanwhile, Israel issues a statement saying that Palestinians will rule Gaza in the future. Yes, Palestinians who spied for Israel during their genocidal campaign, and who will open the door for Israel to start building settlements. Just the kind of sleeping pill statement for the masses to divert from the real cruel intentions of Israel.

After all the lies Israel told about babies beheaded and claims of mass rape on October 7, how could anyone believe anything they say.

For those concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people, their concerns transcends Hamas, even though they understand their resistance to Israeli occupation and extreme oppression. For the Zionists, Gaza is not about Hamas, or the Israeli hostages because their aim is to settle Gaza as they have settled the West Bank. With time, those settlements will eventually occupy all of Palestine.

So any Israeli accuses any activist of supporting Hamas, ignore such semantics. Their activism relates directly to saving the lives of innocent civilians. Had Netanyahu not unleashed his anger and inhumanity on the women and children of Gaza, Israel would not be facing the global backlash it is facing today.

Similarly, any activist believing Israel is only going after Hamas is as misinformed as they come. To settle Gaza, Israel is willing to sacrifice all the Israeli hostages, something their families have come to realize lately.

For the Zionists, the costs vs. benefits analysis is not even close to tip the balance in favor of those innocent hostages.

Gaza is Not About Hamas

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