Killing Women and Children in Gaza Are Non-Negotiable

Killing Women and Children in Gaza Are Non-Negotiable
Killing Women and Children in Gaza Are Non-Negotiable

When Assad of Syria killed women and children, Punditry took a moral stand, and when Putin killed women and children of Ukraine, we cried foul and called Putin a war criminal. With the same breath and the same beliefs, we say killing women and children in Gaza are non-negotiable. Punditry is taking a moral stand against Netanyahu with the same fervor by calling him a war criminal and a genocidal maniac. To us, women and children are our red line. It matters little who does it, we will take a stand against these people and countries just as much.

Why are we posting such obvious declaration? To justify why our earlier blogs were often in support of Israel. And we would have still stood by Israel if it was not for Gaza. Without a doubt, Gaza changed everything for us, and for many around the world.

The same way we felt about Hamas killing the women and children in Israel on October 7. Had Israel taken the high road by concentrating on eliminating Hamas, Israel would not be suffering today the lack of global support. Netanyahu, instead, took it personally and unleashed hell on Gaza because October 7 became his legacy.

If these were the chosen people, then there is no God.


The same goes for Joe Biden, who, until Gaza, was a shoo-in as President in 2024  as far as many Democrats are concerned in this country. But no longer. Biden made the mistake of his life when he dispatched weapons to a far-right fascist unconditionally. Today, he is living to regret that mistake, as millions of Americans told him to save Gaza instead of destroying it.

As far as we are concerned, Joe Biden is as complicit in the mass murder of women and children in Gaza as Netanyahu and his gang running Israel to the ground. .

We don’t forgive or forget those who kill women and children, and we will never will. We showed that clearly over the last six months. Our rhetoric ramped up against the Zionists, AIPAC, Antony Blinken, and all the Biden apparatus at the National Security Council who could not convince an old stubborn man how wrong he was.

Then there are the settlers whom we believe are just land grabbing terrorists claiming to be God’s chosen people. If these were the chosen people, then there is no God.

May the Palestinians who are suffering under the Israeli terror find the courage and strength to triumph against the barbarity running wild in Israel today. With help from those with high morality and love for humanity, the Palestinians will eventually be free from the clenches of the Israeli apartheid.

Killing Women and Children in Gaza Are Non-Negotiable

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