Has The Mossad Compromised Joe Biden?

Has The Mossad Compromised Joe Biden
Has The Mossad Compromised Joe Biden

Considering the relationship former President Bill Clinton had with the Mossad spy Jeffery Epstein, providing him with underage girls to obtain information, one must ask: Has the Mossad compromised Joe Biden too? It looks like it when you see how far the President is willing to go to facilitate the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

Even with all the pressure bearing down on him from fellow Democrats, Arab-Americans, and young voters, the President seems to be orbiting earth in outer space. He seems oblivious to the optics that Israel, and its long-arm of justice, AIPAC, have something terrible on Joe Biden. Enough for him to act so irrationally.

In the same breath, we must ask ourselves as well whether Antony Blinken is a Mossad asset doing Israel’s bidding, as he backs the war on children in Gaza wholeheartedly. In fact, we must put under the microscope everyone in the Biden Administration who is acting in support of Netanyahu killing women and children in Gaza. People like Brett McGurk come to mind.

Do the Zionist American Jewish billionaires own Joe Biden and America lock, stock, and barrel?


Folks, the whole United States has been compromised thanks mainly to Zionist Jewish billionaires more in tune with Israeli interests than the American interests. Wake up, America, these people are taking you for a fool.

Furthermore, what role has AIPAC played in recruiting Jeffery Epstein in to the Mossad fold? Should our intelligence services not investigate this possibility to determine our exposure? Should we not send other people to jail to teach the Zionist billionaire class in support of Zionism and Israel in the U.S. the lesson of a lifetime? This is what Germany circa 1914 had to deal with, mainly runaway Jewish German spies conspiring with the Allies against Germany.

Are American Zionist billionaires duplicitous in protecting Israeli interests before they protect American interests, if any? Has our own U.S. government and elected officials gone blind to the spread of Zionist treachery to the point that it is ignoring it because of the power of Jewish money? Why the FBI and the CIA not voicing any public concerns about the Zionist billionaires’ influence, which is harming U.S. interests?

Let us suppose that South Africa succeeds at the ICJ in labeling Israel a genocidal country. It would also impact the United States as complicit in that genocide, and would expose U.S. officials to legal jeopardy. Not the Zionist Jewish billionaires, but U.S. officials.

Why then our intelligence services are not publicizing the concerns to put an end to the Zionist Jewish money harming our interests? Would such bad publicity not be a warning to halt future treacheries?

Or, do the Zionist American Jewish billionaires own Joe Biden and America lock, stock, and barrel?

Has The Mossad Compromised Joe Biden?

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