Have You No Sense of Decency Rand Paul?

Have You No Sense of Decency Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has been stripped naked while harassing Dr. Anthony Fauci, as his habit, during a hearing session in the Senate. When Paul attacked Fauci claiming his sciences killed 800,000 people — while forgetting that Trump’s mismanagement of the COVID virus led us down that rabbit hole — Fauci responded forcefully by showing the Senators present Paul’s own motivation for these attacks centering around raising money. Have you no sense of decency Rand Paul? To put the life of a man in danger just so you can get a $5 donation from an unsuspected Kentuckian? Rand Paul is as indecent and as immoral a man as they come.

To back Fauci’s claim that Rand Paul is attacking him just to raise money, Rand Paul, during a lecture at the University of Louisville School of Medical, told his students that “Misinformation works” and that it’s a “great tactic”.

Applying what you preach, are you Rand Paul? Maybe your voters are too ignorant to see you for who you are, but the rest of the world thinks you are just despicable. No wonder your neighbor beat you up.

We hope voters kick you out of Congress this November. Check the website of Charles Booker who is running against Rand Paul in 2022. Kentucky needs someone who will work for their State, and not some smear politician out for power.

We all have had enough of this pest roaming the halls of power when he should be inspecting eyes in some clinic in Kentucky.


As an angry Republican who voted against the January 6 Commission to investigate the insurrectionists, Rand Paul wants someone to kill Anthony Fauci. Just as his people who attacked The Capitol wanted to kill policemen guarding our democracy. So, he attacks him constantly hoping it will spark his murder. And it almost happened.

During the very same hearing, Fauci told of a man arrested in Iowa who was heading to D.C. with an AR/15 assault machine gun in order to kill Dr. Fauci. Paul knows that if he continues to attack Fauci, someone will act. He told his students as much when he said “Misinformation works”. Never mind that misinformation is today’s weapon of choice of all dictatorial and authoritarian regimes to have included those of Hitler’s and Stalin’s.

Along the way, the despicable Rand Paul, can also receive political contributions from his ignorant constituents. Mind you, he is the Senator who supported two term limits, but now is running for a third. Hypocrisy? It’s more than that. It’s a political life built on lies and deceptions.

When it comes to Rand Paul, a racist demagogue, I cannot think of worst things to say about him. A worthless life comes truly close to describing Rand Paul.

We hope that Charles Booker wins his seat in 2022. We all have had enough of this pest roaming the halls of power when he should be inspecting eyes in some clinic in Kentucky.

Have You No Sense of Decency Rand Paul?

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