Hitler Started WWII and Only He Can End It

Hitler Started WWII and Only He Can End It 2
Hitler Started WWII and Only He Can End It

Imagine an American journalist writing in 1939 that “Hitler started WWII and only he can end it.” That’s what Stephen Collinson wrote for CNN with regard to Putin. The American journalist thinks that Europe and the United States have no role in ending Putin’s war, only Putin can end it. Maybe Collinson did not study WWII, or maybe his youth shields him from the knowledge of what brutal and violent men are capable of when left unchallenged on a battlefield by countries with superior military powers but whose leaders cannot muster the courage to respond to deadly challenges.

This mindset of “only Putin can end it” is poisoning our resolve and making America look ever so weak. It has to stop.

The whole world must come together to end this war because Putin, I guarantee you, won’t stop until he reunites Eastern Europe with the greatest evil that ever existed we used to call The Soviet Union. People old enough to remember Russia in the eighties are the first ones to escape the country today. The brain drain is on in Russia itself.

So, please don’t tell us that only Putin would end it. He won’t if you know modern world history. Only we can stop him.

Our President does not realize his mistakes yet, and by the time he does, it may be too late


The rise of the dictatorial, single-rule tendencies in the GOP who wish to dismantle our democracy to install someone like Donald Trump as our own Fuhrer has opened the gates for far away dictators, like Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China, to push hard towards Europe for the same aspirations. It’s so much easier for dictators to deal with each other than deal with the consensus of so many they cannot influence. This means the first act Vladimir Putin will execute, if he conquers Kiyv, is to install a puppet dictator.

The score would be 1-0 for brutality winning against civility.

With Donald Trump injecting the global far right movements with steroids, both Putin and Xi hope there would be a domino effect in Europe if Ukraine falls to Putin. This explains their unity. One whose single purpose is to destroy democracies around the world. China destroyed the democracy of Hong Kong, and now Putin started a war to destroy European democracies. Already, Orban of Hungary is one step away from naming himself dictator-for-life.

Ukraine, for those who missed it, stands between Putin and China’s such grand plans. Claiming that only Putin can end this war is just about as infantile as it gets. It’s up to us to end it, just as we ended Nazism in WWII.

Our President does not realize his mistakes yet, and by the time he does, it may be too late. After Ukraine comes Eastern Europe. Zelensky sees it, but Biden does not. Or, he is ignoring the signs in the hope it might go away. That’s what appeasers do, generally speaking.

Meanwhile, let’s all sing “Hitler started WWII, and only he can end it.”


Winston Churchill once said that “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.”

America, today, is still going through the process of exhausting its options. Biden is slowly learning that diplomacy never works with brutal dictators. Unfortunately, Putin’s invasion of the Crimea in 2014 taught him little. He has already discovered that it was a mistake not to install an air defense system in Ukraine. At the time he feared provoking Putin, I kid you not.

Any day now, he will discover that not sending U.S. drones to Ukraine was also a mistake. A mistake with gargantuan proportions. Of course, again too late.

Then in few months, after the full destruction of Ukraine, our President will awaken one day to find a new revolution taking shape in Eastern Europe with some people demanding Russian protection. Just as Putin did in Donbas. That’s when Joe Biden will figure out he was wrong not weaponizing Ukraine and not building a mercenary contingent to fight the Russians.

But then, it is one day too late and one dime too short. Biden will always be behind the curve because of his unwillingness to swing the tiger by his tail. When he finally does, that’s the breaking point. Hopefully, we can still save Europe.

Meanwhile, let’s not sing “Hitler started WWII, and only he can end it.”

Hitler Started WWII and Only He Can End It

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