How Gaza Is Breaking Israel Apart

How Gaza Is Breaking Israel Apart
Dalal Abu Amneh, an Arab Israeli popular singer, was detained for a social media post. How Gaza Is Breaking Israel Apart

Everyone knows what the gangs in the Netanyahu’s government are doing to the Palestinians in Gaza, but what very few people are realizing is how Gaza is breaking Israel apart. Besides the daily protests of tens of thousands of Israelis demanding accountability and the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu, now we come to learn that Israel is also arresting Israeli Arabs, which represents 21.1% of its population (over 2m Israelis).

What is their crime? Social media posts that may, remotely, insinuate support for Gaza. According to a BBC article, a famous Israeli Arab singer named Dalal Abou Amneh posted the following, “There is no victor but God“.

These six words got her arrested by the Israeli Gestapo. Not even the Nazis arrested Jews for speaking vaguely about their oppression.

This new escalation between Arabs and Jews inside Israel will drive another nail in the coffin of the Zionist project. It is one thing to oppress, torture, and kill Arab Palestinians, but when the Jews of Israel begin arresting Arab Israelis from within, this will divide the country in ways that could only spell doom for Israel.

In fact, we, here at Punditry, are beginning to love Netanyahu. No one could do a better job at isolating Israel than he can.


As Albert Einstein once said, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

We are certain he must have been thinking of an unhinged Benjamin Netanyahu who has been acting more as Adolf Hitler ever since Hamas attacked Israel, under his watch, on October 7. Netanyahu has completely lost his mind as his government has turned into a full war machine, exacting violence and revenge on anything that disagrees with his genocidal tendencies. Just like Hitler did during years of wars against Europe.

Netanyahu has possibly begun to also purge and ethnically cleanse the Arab Israelis. Why should they stay in Israel if treated like animals, too?

Let us count the enemies Netanyahu has made so far:

  • Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.
  • Arab Israelis Netanyahu is now attacking.
  • All Arab countries surrounding Israel.
  • All 57 Muslim member countries in the OIC.
  • Most of the previously colonized nations, except part of India under Modi.
  • Russia and China, who are taking advantage of his stupidity to advance their agenda.
  • All 153 countries who cast a U.N. vote for a ceasefire.
  • And last are the murmurs of the Western countries, which are beginning to realize that too much blood on their reputation is counterproductive to advancing their economic agenda globally.

In fact, we, here at Punditry, are beginning to love Netanyahu. No one could do a better job at isolating Israel than he can.

So keep going, Bibi. Break Israel apart.

Meanwhile, we wish and hope Israel is not torturing those arrested, or killing them by claiming they all died in their sleep.

How Gaza Is Breaking Israel Apart

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