How Weak is Joe Biden? This Decision Illustrates This Fact

How Weak is Joe Biden
How Weak is Joe Biden? This Decision Illustrates This Fact

President Joe Biden, recently, abandoned plans to appoint an anti-abortion Republican judge to the bench as part of a secret deal with Senator Mitch McConnell. For the liberals who voted for the President, their first impression, after reading the President’s intentions, were probably of deep shock. How could he, in light of the recent overturning of Roe vs. Wade be that weak to strike such a deal appointing a judge that goes against the fiber of every liberal ideology? This begs the question: How weak is Joe Biden? His decision to attempt and appoint secretly a Republican judge illustrates this fact. It shows how the President plays politics with the will of his most ardent voters.

One would imagine that to many of his own voters, this also illustrates how the Republicans keep winning when Democrats control the White House and Congress.

The Republican Senators know Joe Biden well. They know he won’t walk away from striking a deal even though it cannot possibly serve the interests of his voters. That’s how weak is Joe Biden to be selling the American people in return for something from the Republicans most likely he can obtain through the powers of the Office.

But no. The consummate deal maker wants to trade horses instead of using his powers. Why would any liberal voter want to give Joe Biden another chance come November 2024 is beyond us.


We all believed that Donald Trump was the true deal maker. He was the one who wrote a book on this subject. Reality though is that Joe Biden cannot walk away from a deal. Rather than use the powers at his disposal as President, he folds back to his days in the Senate as if the presidency affords him fewer options. At heart, Joe Biden is still a Senator negotiating compromises.

The problem with this reality is that his voters do not understand this side of his personality. If it was not for this news item, every liberal voter in this country believes he is the President and acting like one. They all believe he is no longer a Senator. Except Joe Biden who seems to act and behave just like a Senator.

Some people don’t know how to use their powers. Some punch over their weight. In the case of this President, striking a backdoor secret deal against the interests of his own constituents with Mitch McConnell illustrates he is the former. How could any American trust this kind of weakness going forward? What did McConnell give Biden in return that Biden could not possibly force his way to have as the President of the United States? We don’t know. Biden is keeping mum about it, which tells us McConnell ate his lunch.


Furthermore, what other secret deals Biden has struck with McConnell to dilute the powers of his Office in betrayal to the American people? The American people have the right to know. No wonder why the Republicans seem to be in control even though they lost all levers of power.

How did the story leak in the first place? Fools are those who don’t think it was McConnell who leaked it. After all, showing how weak Joe Biden is much more important than appointing a Republican judge to the bench.

Don’t you get this sick feeling that Republicans are playing the Democrats like Marionettes in a children’s theater?

We all know it. Except Senator Joe Biden.

How Weak is Joe Biden? This Decision Illustrates This Fact

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