If Biden Forgives Student Loans, Students Commit to Fund Democrats

If Biden Forgives Student Loans, Students Commit to Fund Democrats

There are 44.7 million student loan borrowers that have amassed $1.7 Trillion in debt. If you consider that over 155 million Americans voted in 2020, student loan debtors represent a whopping 29% of all voters. Show me a block of voters as powerful and as united in their quest to make a statement in 2022 if this administration kicks the ball on student loans down the field. If President Biden forgives student loans, then students across this land can collectively act to fund political campaigns. To replace special interests groups.

Ask any social expert what impact $1.7 Trillion in debt has on the future of our young generations, and they will recite a host of social ills that result from these student loans. Whether it is their inability to buy a home, or whether student debt pushes today’s students to retire much later in life, their impact is changing the very fabric of our society.

All to benefit the greed of bankers and money lenders. Mortgages, car loans, and credit card debt was not enough for them. They had to attack the financial well-being of our young by conspiring with the U.S. Congress and university deans to suck their blood. Literally.


Many of these students remember the former President give away $2 Trillion, without even blinking, to the rich and powerful in the form of tax breaks. Mind you, if Biden is not going to stand by students for one third the amount, they will all simply forget to vote next time the Democrats need them. This President cannot pass this opportunity. Period.

President Biden should listen to Senators Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders; instead of looking out for the interests of bankers and money lenders. After all, 2022 is just around the corner, and so is 2024 if Democrats want to keep Donald Trump’s chances of running and winning in check. The actions Biden is making or ignoring to make today will impact the next election cycles.

It is so easy to set apathy among U.S. voters. Between disappointment, disgust, and distrust runs a deep history of voter apathy that swing elections to the opposition very quickly. Many students consider Biden’s inaction as back stabbing them for their grassroots hard work to throw Trump out of office. But if Biden does not fulfill his obligations to those who need it the most, he will lose in 2022 both houses; and the White House in 2024. Bank lobbyists putting pressure on Biden to drop the idea are serving Republican interests they trust more to carry their water for them.

Biden needs to abandon the way Washington works. It does not suit the Millennials now the largest block of voters. Refusing to cover up to $50,000 in student loans will turn them into non-voters rather quickly.


Lobbyists fund politicians and in return they write their own laws. How about we turn this model on its head by seeking the commitments of 44 million Americans, whose loans have been forgiven, in return for a much smaller monthly donation to designated PAC Democrats can set up for that purpose. If big business can buy politicians, so can the American public.

It’s a GameStop play to give more power to the people.

I started a petition on Change.org asking President Joe Biden to forgive their student debt up to $50,000 in return for students committing to make monthly small payments to a designated PAC to help Democratic initiatives. A twist on the “pay to play” corporate America deploys to influence our politicians to play by their rules.

And even though the petition had a little over 100 signatures in few days, I truly believe this is the model to go forward for Americans to influence their politicians. They need a platform upon which they can launch their own lobbying collective efforts backed by money inducements and the likes. It’s one way to take back our Congress to serve the people, and not just special interests and big corporations.

If Biden forgives student loans, then the students commit to fund the Democratic Party. A simple and effective way to show our politicians that voters can influence their decisions too.

Washington needs bold new ideas, not recycled old policies.

If Biden Forgives Student Loans, Students Commit to Fund Democrats

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