Indirectly Corporate America Boosted National Fascism

Indirectly Corporate America Boosted National Fascism

Corporate greed led to corporate socialism, while minimum wages remained poverty-low. Public backlash led to the rise of Bernie Sanders, which corporate America warned his politics might destroy our country. As a result, we witnessed fascism grow. One might say that indirectly Corporate America boosted national fascism by spreading fearmongering tactics among the least educated in this country.

When Bernie Sanders touted Medicare for All, corporate America called him a dangerous socialist*. When Sanders touted free higher education, they called him a communist. All the while the same corporations were raiding the coffers of the U.S. Government using their purses to pass tax breaks and promote their own socialist agenda. Many paid no taxes after earning tens of billions in income.

In 2018, CNBC wrote:

Nearly 100 companies in the Fortune 500 had an effective federal tax rate of 0% or less in 2018, according to a new report.CNBC

These corporate socialist tactics cost the U.S. taxpayers $74 billion in 2018 that they had to pay on behalf of tax-avoiding corporations manipulating Congress and the Trump Administration. That’s corporate greed driving a corporate socialist agenda.


In his book Evil Geniuses, Kurt Andersen writes:

Beginning in the early 1970s, by means of a long war conceived of and executed by a confederacy of big business CEOs, the superrich, and right-wing zealots, the rules and norms that made the American middle class possible were undermined and dismantled. The clock was turned back on a century of economic progress, making greed good, workers powerless, and the market all-powerful while weaponizing nostalgia, lifting up an oligarchy that served only its own interests, and leaving the huge majority of Americans with dwindling economic prospects and hope.Kurt Andersen - Evil Geniuses

One such example of how corporate America writes its own tax-free ticket is Andersen’s take on the Trump Administration as facilitators for big business. He writes:

… starting in 2018 the familiar Business Roundtable members (including GE, United Technologies, Bank of America, IBM, ConocoPhillips) and lobbyists from other companies (such as AIG, the giant financial firm that U.S. taxpayers bailed out in 2008) descended on the Trump treasury bureaucrats writing the nuts-and-bolts rules, who cooperatively, promptly made company-by-company carve-outs that gutted the law’s untaxed-foreign-hoard provisions.Kurt Andersen - Evil Geniuses

Not only corporate America destroyed the middle class, but they also were behind demonizing any policy to favor the middle class as socialism and communism. a call for action to fascism. Of course, the likes of FOX and other right-wing media outlets converged to echo the same accusations.

… companies must look for their stakeholders, and not just their shareholders. Do you think this call would happen if the tremors to blow up capitalism are not deafening?


Income inequality is fueling discontent in America, and yet corporate America remains steadfast in destroying the middle class. More Americans dropping below the poverty line is the result of their seasonal trillion-dollar greed trips raiding the U.S. Treasury. Indirectly corporate America boosted national fascism, and is creating a national malaise that will eventually boil over. This will not end well for our nation.

Corporate socialism and greed is not a purely American story. The same phenomenon is spreading globally. So much so that the World Economic Forum in Davos, which has its finger on the pulse, has issued the Davos Manifesto in which it calls for a new form of capitalism.

The World Economic Forum is releasing a new Davos Manifesto, which states that companies should pay their fair share of taxes, show zero tolerance for corruption, uphold human rights throughout their global supply chains, and advocate for a competitive level playing field.Klaus Schwab - Founder World Economic Forum

In other words, companies must look for their stakeholders, and not just their shareholders. Do you think this call would happen if the global tremors to blow up capitalism are not deafening?

Corporate America shares the blame for sowing the seeds of hate by decimating the middle class, and by depriving taxpayers the luxury of upward economic mobility.

*Hoover Institution is funded by wealthy foundations like The Walton Foundation (Walmart).

Indirectly Corporate America Boosted National Fascism

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