Is Donald Trump Blackmailing AIPAC?

Is Donald Trump Blackmailing AIPAC
Is Donald Trump Blackmailing AIPAC?

With elections coming up, a new poll found that 89% of American Jews support Joe Biden. The shift is most noticeable among the far-right Zionists, who historically have supported Donald Trump. The former President is angry because he believes he was most generous to the Zionists and gave them all they wanted when he was President, to include moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. But signs are showing that his most avid supporters, like Alex Jones and Jackson Hinkle, are magnifying venomous rhetoric against Israel for its prosecution of the Gaza War. Is Donald Trump blackmailing AIPAC for more support and Jewish money to fund his campaign, or are his supporters just showing their true selves?

Typical of these conniving Zionists, they turned their back on Donald Trump faster than a hummingbird wing flap.

Remember the disposition of people like Alex Jones, who believed Israel was behind 9/11. Kid you not. As Anglo-Saxons, they are naturally antisemitic, born and bred to hate everyone. Donald Trump, a racist himself, is their hero.

His MAGA supporters are coming to his aid by letting AIPAC and Israel see the hate they can unleash among people who are already pre-disposed to hate Jews.


Many consider Donald Trump the mob boss of the real estate market in New York, and people know him to practice such sinister acts as blackmail. It’s part and parcel of his Modus Operandi. To get the bad news that his own far right Zionist supporters are abandoning him in favor of Biden would make his head spin around his neck. The Führer cannot have any of it.

So, on with his mafiosi tactics, Trump moves to threaten AIPAC and the American Zionists by threatening their darling Israel.

From AIPAC’s perspective, it’s disconcerting indeed. Their calculations are based more on Trump’s personality, which, when angered, adopts the position “Trump is not taking any prisoners”, than on the idea of simply Biden winning. It serves them no purpose if Trump unleashes antisemitism across the land when he loses because AIPAC and most Jews are unwilling to switch sides.

For Trump, not only he wants Jewish political contributions, but he also wants to stifle Biden’s chances of raising more money than he can.

His MAGA supporters are coming to his aid by letting AIPAC and Israel see the hate they can unleash among people who are already pre-disposed to hating Jews.

Meanwhile, Trump is hiding behind the scene as his supporters play the drums of war against American Jewry.

At least with Trump, if he gets angry at Israel, he is bound to show them who is the boss. Not Biden, we call Netanyahu’s doormat.


Gaza is influencing the U.S. elections in ways no one believed possible on October 6. The genocide in Gaza has become a rallying cry for many who have a beef with Biden or Trump. It galvanized communities and religions, it antagonized different demographic groups, and it electrified a young generation to vote for the first time.

It seems that everyone is using Gaza for their own purpose, except the real Palestinians, whose only wish is for the terror of Israel to come to an end. But that terror will not end mainly because of Joe Biden.

Despite the high number of “uncommitted” votes in Michigan and Minnesota, despite the Gen Z revolting against Biden, and despite the Irish-American communities telling Biden he makes them feel ashamed, that old man has yet to change course. He still sends Israel money, he still sends Israel weapons to kill civilians, and he has even halted all aid to UNRWA, the only organization to help the Palestinians during these difficult times.

Biden is as heartless as they come. At least with Trump, if he gets angry at Israel, he won’t hesitate to show the country who is the real boss. Not Biden, we call Netanyahu’s doormat.

Is Donald Trump Blackmailing AIPAC?

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