Never Forgive or Forget The Gaza Genocide

Never Forgive or Forget The Gaza Genocide
Never Forgive or Forget The Gaza Genocide

American politicians, like Joe Biden and others, make big bets about the goldfish short memory of their voters. They know that the public tends to forget their last mistakes or misjudgments, and this is why the President is backing Israeli terror against Gaza, even if that meant the death of thousands of civilians. In addition to Jewish money, he was promised for his support. He hopes that by November 5, 2024, his voters would have forgotten about him facilitating crimes against humanity. Therefore, our job, as voters, is to never forgive or forget the Gaza genocide, just as Jews around the world make sure we never forget about the Holocaust. How do they do it? By manipulating the media, Hollywood, and all edifices of propaganda to always discuss the matter.

Having said that, it is obvious that Arab-Americans and Muslim Americans do not enjoy the wealth and power of the Zionist Jews in America; especially, those who support Israel by every mean possible. This is why American pro-Arab and pro-Muslim NGO’s must implement a strategy to remind the world to remember the genocide in Gaza. Just as the Jews make sure the whole world remembers the Holocaust.

Even then, after the war is over, the pro-Israel media would ignore them completely.

Arab-Americans can only stop Israel’s terror through Washington, not on the battlefields.


Thinking through this matter and finding sensible and efficient solutions should be the primary concerns of NGOs moving forward. Whether it is well-planned social media campaigns, energizing grassroots support to include a drive for voter registration, buying media in key states, or crowdfunding to help defray the high costs, all can lead to promoting the genocide in Gaza. What Arab Americans and Muslim Americans cannot do is simply let this opportunity to expose the barbarity of the Israeli Zionists go to waste.

People will eventually forget if these NGOs do not remind them all the time. After all, how many Americans know about the Nakba? Maybe less than 1%, at most.

The Arab-American and Muslim-American communities must build a counter powerhouse to Israeli propaganda controlling the U.S. media. Mostly through AIPAC.

Amongst these communities, you will find immensely strategic minds that they can put to good use. Even if the likes of Facebook and Twitter would most likely censor their efforts, they must find a clever solution around that censorship. When they do, big money would pour in from around the world in support of their efforts through channels they can establish around the U.S. and in Canada and Mexico, who can fund non-profit American organizations. Build chapters in every OIC country responsible for raising funds.

Also, don’t hesitate to seek advice from Arab-Americans in Congress, like the courageous Rashida Tlaib. Winning a seat in congress requires an exceptional tactical mind, able to garner much support.

Israel is an existential danger to every Arab country, as you can see from the map above. The one that an extremist Israeli settler leader, Bezalel Smotrich, displayed on his podium during a recent speech.

Arab-Americans can only stop Israel’s terror through Washington, not on the battlefields. They have a massive 1.5 billion Muslims to support them when they organize properly.

Never Forgive or Forget The Gaza Genocide

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