If We Killed 4000 Palestinian Children, It Was Not Enough

If We Killed 4000 Palestinian Children, It Was Not Enough
If We Killed 4000 Palestinian Children, It Was Not Enough

If you have not read about it yet, or watched the video of Stuart Seldowitz harassing a Muslim street vendor, then you must watch it below. It will make your heart cringe with disgust. If there was a human scum on earth, his name is Stuart Seldowitz, a past Obama high official at the State Department handling Israel and the Palestinians affairs. In the video Seldowitz, an American Jew, says “If we killed 4000 Palestinian children, it was not enough”, the “WE” tells us he considers himself more Israeli than he is an American. That should be a problem not only to the State Department hiring practices, but also to every decent Jewish American who sees the United States as their only country.

We really have a deep issue with what he said. It demonstrates the double standards of some extreme American Jews who recognize Israel before they recognize the United States. Anyone who believed they did not exist can simply watch the video.

Truly, the scum of the earth.

Of course, Seldowitz, in an interview with CNN and NBC, tried to spin his scum to say there was no context even though his hate spewing visits happened over a two-week period. He did not even apologize to the poor cart vendor, and lied when he said the vendor told him he supported Hamas. Anyone who believes Seldowitz, at this point, is a fool. No one can be that racist and live to tell the truth about his racism and bigotry.

The tendency is for the Department of State to bury this incident as quickly as possible because it highlights its hiring practices.


Sweldowitz was an employee during one of the most liberal administrations the United States ever had. From 1999 to 2003, he worked at the Department of State’s Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs as a high official with the title of a Deputy. How did he escape scrutiny, is our question?

This should make us wonder how did this vile man, with extreme bias against the civilian Palestinians, ever ascend to his position? How did he escape the vetting process, if there was any? Or, is this the standard practice for the Department of State to tilt its diplomacy against the Palestinians and in favor of Israel? Has anyone read anywhere that the Inspector General at State opened an investigation over who and how the federal government hired him? Or, did Antony Blinken blocked it already?

There will be a tendency to bury this incident as quickly as possible because it may highlight the influence of rich donors have over our policy. Mind you, we believe it would be wise for the DOJ to open an investigation into who hired Seldowitz ahead of an election year. Maybe, it would convince millions of voters that America is not as broken as we think it is.

Countries watching the extreme US bias towards Israel are joining BRICS.


These are the kind of small incidents that have an impact on the global stage. When countries allied to the United States begin to understand that they will always be dealt the short end of a stick when it comes to Israel, they start tilting the balance of power by joining BRICS.

America is its worst enemy when it comes to foreign policy, and no one said it better than Christopher McCallion in this CNN Op-Ed.

Most disturbing to millions of peaceful and decent American Jews is that this episode with Seldowitz has opened the door ajar to questioning their loyalty. Something that the deranged Donald Trump has done in the past, as well. It’s a nightmare for them, an undeserved one.

But the genie is out. At least for some fanatic American Jews whose loyalty is questionable now. Should the Department of State bar citizen duality–American-Israeli–from its roster by refusing to hire them for highly sensible positions? Given the high temperature in the Middle East and the incident of Seldowitz, we say a big YES to this question.

All our enemies are ready to bounce on us, and Seldowitz just gave Arab and Muslim countries a very good reason to ally with China under BRICS.

As an insurance policy against Seldowtzim.

If We Killed 4000 Palestinian Children, It Was Not Enough

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