Of Small People and Larger Than Life Women

Of Small People and Larger Than Life Women

If you want to know what happens to inconsequential men who try to force powerful women into submission, then you must hear the speech Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delivered on the House floor prior to censuring Rep. Paul Gosar, or read Liz Cheney’s response to Ted Cruz belittling attacks against her. Both depict a succinct story line of small people and larger than life women when they clash. Both examples showcase the pettiness of Trumpism as opposed to the fortitude of strong and righteous women.

It’s a truly remarkable slice of American culture we rarely witness thanks in part to the empowerment of the #MeMovement and the rising tides against the misogyny we all witnessed from Donald Trump and some of his followers.

Just as Black Lives Matter struck back against racism in the Trump era following the death of George Floyd, so are strong women striking back against the littleness of Republican Trump apologists in Congress.

AOC kept her best for her House floor speech


Put aside your ideology for a moment, and then measure up Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Marjorie Taylor Greene during their clash outside Congress when Greene confronted AOC. One woman commands attention in Congress because of her vivid intelligence, and the other because of her unhinged and violent behavior.


Replace the mentally unstable Greene with another mentally unstable Republican named Paul Gosar who posted a video of him slaying AOC. Just another dark and sick episode by violent and mentally ill Republicans now serving in the House thanks to a mostly mentally challenged Republican base who choose to elect them.

AOC did not respond to Gosar publicly after he posted and deleted the video. Knowing the democrats were going to censure him because the Republican leadership refused even to publicly condemn him, AOC kept her best for her House floor speech.

Incidentally, Paul Gosar is a true white supremacist attending their conferences and rallies.

Just view the video below to witness the difference between petty, small people and larger than life women. Witness how each behaves today.

I dare any other Trumpist to attack AOC or Liz Cheney again. Unless they are bona fide masochists.


On the other side of the coin is another battle of words Senator Ted Cruz has waged against Liz Cheney just to kiss Trump’s ass. Maybe Cruz thinks that if he runs one day for the White House, Trump would back him. And then they call these people intelligent.

On Fox, Cruz said that Trump broke Liz Cheney. which hardly speaks the truth considering her resistance to his treachery. In response, Liz Cheney brutalized him.

Just watch this clip to read her response:

Do you fully see how small she made him look? This may be the last time anyone attacks Liz Cheney on behalf of the Fuhrer Trump. I am not betting on it because Trump backers have shown us again and again how deranged they are. Most of them are just half-people parading as full grown adults.

I dare any other Trumpist to attack AOC or Liz Cheney again. Unless they are bona fide masochists.

Of Small People and Larger Than Life Women

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