Only a Fully Vibrant Stakeholder Economy

Only a Fully Vibrant Stakeholder Economy
Only a Fully Vibrant Stakeholder Economy. Rights: Yarruta

Only a fully vibrant stakeholder economy and democracy will heal our nation and pave the way for all Americans to participate in its future. Short of that, the American experience, along with its superpower status, is doomed in the long-run. All it takes is for the stock market to truly crash before we realize that building equities on pillars of inequality is not a recipe for long-term prosperity. Standing in the way of that prosperity are little mosquitoes, like Donald Trump, who keep the country angry and divided.

Without a doubt, the solution to Trump is economic equity and parity, and not the U.S. Government keeping on the same track to enrich the very few.

America is at a crossroad today. Do we continue to apply the same failed policies of the past, or do we make a major rudder adjustment to our economic and political models and the oversized influence the powerful have over our policies? It is a simple question with major implications for the future of this country.

Our enemies know that our Achilles’ heels is greed. The bedrock of the inequality and exploitative mindset we see before us as our standards of living decline. They have started deploying the tools leading to our very own implosion; yet, the GOP insists on the Reaganomics model, which has failed our nation miserably by shifting wealth and equity., which also resulted in a more exploitative society.

Only a fully vibrant stakeholder economy will save us from ourselves.

And we are the fools who believe voting helps the common man when the powerful have bought both political parties.


To dispel the notion that the unfair economy is behind the reasons why Americans are so angry, the GOP, and their backers, want to focus on some distractions like UFO sightings; or the dehumanizing of migrants the result of racism and ancient immigration laws the GOP refuses to modernize. Unless, of course, it can sway Mexicans to vote for the Republican ticket.

If only the Republicans can distract the people to pursue trivial matters while they practice corruption to remain in control of the economy and the politics of exploitation, they figure they may weather the storm. They are mostly blind to the inequalities most Americans are experiencing, starting with the minimum wage. In fact, the GOP believes eventually the American people will succumb to their fate. Buying time is their goal, and UFO’s buy them plenty.

The turbulent times this country is going through will not abate easily. Those who believe that a family of four members making some $200,000 a year and still struggles to live as well as their parents did before them is normal will need a wake-up call. It is not going to end well if a more responsible generation starts holding back the economy. It is already happening. Starting with stingier tipping.

How could they not with runaway higher education costs, rampant healthcare costs, out of control child care costs? Today’s America is not the same of 40-years ago when the American Dream truly existed, and when most Americans had equal opportunities to succeed.

Today, America belongs to the oligarch few, who control its political and economic agenda. And we are the fools who believe voting helps the common man when the powerful have bought both political parties.

Only a Fully Vibrant Stakeholder Economy

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