Our Election Choice is to Vote For Kindness or Cruelty

Our Election Choice is to Vote For Kindness or Cruelty
Our Election Choice is to Vote For Kindness or Cruelty

Come 2024, the American people must weigh who is the better candidate to become President. While most Americans look for policies to drive their choices, there will always be a minority of people, unfortunately, who will look for race as their compass. But in 2024, we also have another indicator to measure our enthusiasm for President Joe Biden because our election choice is to vote for either kindness or cruelty.

We can vote for a kind man who will keep a steady ship sailing calmly as others try to whip up anger and culture wars, or we can vote for Trump, or DeSantis, both of whom represent the ultimate cruelty in human beings. The choice is ours.

Remember that Ron DeSantis witnessed torture at Guantánamo, and witnesses recall him smiling while watching people suffer. Regardless of whether the torture was justified or not, the fact that a man can smile as he watches the torture of human beings speaks volumes about the evil residing inside that man.


When you witness how Ron DeSantis has been treating hapless migrants, and how he displays zero kindness towards the helpless and the disenfranchised, you cannot but ask whether Ron DeSantis is really a sadist at heart who likes to hurt people, as well as corporations.

Every policy, so far, has delivered a blow to one group of people or another. The LGBTQ communities, the black people that he wants to keep in the dark about his white supremacy, women who want to control their bodies, Latinos with his SB 1718 law, and, of course, the Americans who abhor his extremism.

Folks, sadism is not a virtue that our future President should possess, and Ron DeSantis is America’s political Marquis de Sade, or Marquis DeSantis.

We believe the economy in Florida is going to suffer the consequence of DeSantis hate. Hopefully, in enough time to lift the Biden campaign should DeSantis win the nomination. Time is on Biden’s side as DeSantis sadism turn on its practitioner.

In 2024, Americans have one choice really, and that is to elect a kind man as opposed to one who enjoys the sight of torture on other human beings he detests as a white nationalist hater.

Our Election Choice is to Vote Kindness or Cruelty

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