Put Your Socks On Boys, The Russians Are Coming

Put Your Socks On Boys, The Russians Are Coming

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read that the United States has placed 8,500 U.S. troops on “heightened alert”, which is another way to say, “put your socks on boys, and wait for my orders to stay home”. Everyone knows that Joe Biden will never send U.S. troops to the Ukraine to fight the villain Vladimir Putin. In reality, this negligible “heightened alert” move is not about scaring the Russians, it’s about perception at home that our commander-in-chief is a tough son of a bitch.

Just swallow the spin, folks. Just forget that we got here because Joe Biden cannot even act tough, let alone be tough. He is tough on students suffering untold despair and agony over their student loans, but not on Putin.

You see, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump would never engage us in another war, but the difference between the two is that Trump convinced our enemies of the opposite. They were truly scared of crossing the line with Trump even though he, as the pinnacle of anti-establishment, was less likely than Biden to commit us to war.

It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it, Mr. President. Take a cue from the Fuhrer himself.

Did you say “depends” Mr. President?


Against the aggression of Putin, our President has no answers. He won’t, and should not, send U.S. troops to Ukraine. The problem is that he was late in seeing and responding to what was unfolding on the Donbass borders with Russia.

Furthermore, because his domestic agenda is on fire, literally, due mostly to his “bipartisanship” fantasy in today’s Washington atmosphere, his political credit has too low of a balance to rally the world to truly protect the Ukraine.

Add to the above the intangible diversity of European interests in need of Russian gas and one begins to understand the landmine Biden must travel. However, no matter what, this does not excuse his reactionary politics based on timidity and diffidence.

Much of the blame falls on Biden’s shoulders. His public abdication of responsibilities when he gave Russia a green light to invade during his ill-prepared and hastily patched two hours press conference did not help project that image of toughness.

During that conference, when he was asked to elaborate further on how tough our response would be, the President said: “Depends on what he does“. “he” here being Putin.

What? Say that again, please. Putin did not hear you well. Did you say “depends” Mr. President?

Put your socks on boys, I am going to show Putin what “depends” mean.

This is like two virgin high school kids, in the back of the car, negotiating a “minor” as opposed to a “major” incursion.


The President went on to say that there is a difference between a “minor incursion” and a major one. This is like two virgin high school kids, in the back of the car, negotiating a “minor” as opposed to a “major” incursion.

Biden must be thinking to himself “had I said tiny invasion, maybe I would have fared better”.

Our President simply does not understand how to project the image of a commander-in-chief presiding over a superpower, and who is in total control. This comes from too many years of subservience to powerful interests who control America’s destiny and politics. The very definition of the ultimate insider.

If you ask me, I think Joe Biden would gladly give up the whole of Ukraine in return for a few points bump in his popularity at home. It sounds idiotic, but I believe it is true.

Biden had an opportunity to be tough on Russia from his first day in office as payback for all of Putin’s meddling into our own affairs and elections. Yet, he walked away from that fight by concentrating on China only.

Guess what happens when one dog walks away from another threatening dog? Yes, the threatening dog attacks and bites you.

Biden’s press conference just showed us what a big bite it was.

Put Your Socks On Boys, The Russians Are Coming

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