See How Fast Fuhrer Trump Turned on Netanyahu?

See How Fast Fuhrer Trump Turned on Netanyahu

After the 2020 elections that President Joe Biden won decisively, the leader of the little country of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, which fully depends on the graces of its good relations with the United States, called to congratulate President Biden. Donald Trump saw this diplomatic and logical move as an affront to his Big Lie and blasted Netanyahu for exercising his duty as the prime minister of Israel. There is a lesson in all of this. See how fast Fuhrer Trump turned on Benjamin Netanyahu? This is how fast he will turn on any Jewish American business or individual in this country. The man is loyal only to himself and his ego.

Any American with Jewish roots or ancestry who thinks Donald Trump is a friend of Israel or any of its leaders is as gullible as the redneck in West Virginia who believes Trump won the elections. There is no nice way to get this point across. In fact, supporting the Fuhrer Donald Trump is tantamount to supporting the Nazi Party. Cut and dry.

What could he have in store for American Jews during his second term when he has no elections to win?


For the Fuhrer Trump, it’s all about total and blind loyalty or death by slow execution in the courts of the public opinion. Not that it matters to many, but this is Trump’s calling card.

Now imagine for a moment when he described the Charlottesville Neo-Nazis as “nice people” what it would mean if he he comes back in 2024 to the White House. With nothing to lose, Trump would unleash every evil soul in this country to pursue all the American Jews who crossed him or refused to vote for him. He’s already touched on that when he called American Jews who did not vote for him “disloyal”, which, as Newsweek points out, is exactly how the Jews were attacked in Nazi Germany.

Do you think Trump, the great historian, knows about Nazi Germany to make that distinction? Of course he does not. Yet, instinctively and naturally, he behaves exactly like the Nazis in Germany have in the past by painting the American Jews the same way Hitler and his circle of mass murderers painted European Jews prior to WWII.

“Disloyal” during his first-term. What could he have in store for American Jews during his second term when he has no elections to win? Or when Fuhrer Trump imposes martial laws after planting the 20,000 loyalists drawn from a list Steve Bannon selected to help Trump with his next coup d’état.

And for those who think the fact his daughter is married to Jared Kushner is an insurance policy, you are not reading Trump between the lines.

Do grow another brain to manage your survival just in case Trump becomes President again.

See How Fast Fuhrer Trump Turned on Netanyahu?

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