Should Someone Not Test Netanyahu’s Mental State?

Should Someone Not Test Netanyahu's Mental State?
Should Someone Not Test Netanyahu’s Mental State?

From the United States, to Germany, to France, and even Bloody Britain, everyone seems to agree that invading Rafah without a plan to safeguard the 1.5 million Palestinians taking refuge is a bad idea. Netanyahu, who drew the plans without sharing them with the United States seems oblivious to the interests of Israel. At this point, should someone not test Netanyahu’s mental state? Maybe realizing he is going to lose his premiership and possibly face the ICC has damaged his brains permanently.

Potentially the pressure he is facing, as one of the most failed politicians Israel has ever elected, has ravaged his frontal lobe.

The whole world saw the signs when on the same day he heard Chuck Schumer ask for his resignation, the genocidal maniac sent his helicopters to kill 20 Palestinians waiting for food aid.

It’s as if a brain smog has descended upon him to fog his judgment.


If anyone believes Benjamin Netanyahu did not consider nuking the Palestinians when one of his own ministers, Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu, asked for it, you would be wrong.

What if he cannot evacuate Rafah and Hamas keeps resisting? Should someone not test Netanyahu’s mental state to make sure he does not act recklessly, as he has in mass murdering women and children? No one knows if his mind has lost all capacity to reason with logic. No one knows if he would not order the use of small tactical nuclear devices in Rafah.

For Netanyahu not to share his Rafah plans with the U.S. is yet another five bell alarm. This should concern Biden. Because, after all, he is as complicit in the Gaza genocide as Netanyahu has been. It is undeniably true.

The CIA must conduct a secret evaluation to find out if Netanyahu has become too much of a danger to U.S. interests. His actions and reactions can no longer be ignored as he presses to ethnically cleanse Rafah of its inhabitants. Unless the U.S. wants to take the blame for ten of thousands of more civilian deaths.

The United States must take the necessary steps to shoulder its responsibilities as it ships thousands of tons of weapons Netanyahu may have the worst plans in how to use them.

This Biden administration can no longer ignore the warning signs. Not a day longer.

Should Someone Not Test Netanyahu’s Mental State?

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