The Hardest Truth to Swallow About MAGA

The Hardest Truth to Swallow About MAGA
The Hardest Truth to Swallow About MAGA

In the world of cold logic, facts are kings. When you see with your own eyes, or when so many others confirm it as the truth, people tend to accept them as such. But in the MAGA world, the intent on blurring the line between what constitutes a lie and what constitutes the truth persists against all logic. Other elements such as bias, discrimination, peer pressure, non-conformity with the establishment, and the word of their leader take precedence over reality. The hardest truth to swallow about the MAGA followers is their challenge of the facts by believing the lies on the merit of hollow words.

It has become so real that it is terrifying. Imagine tens of millions of Americans believing the lies of Donald Trump the same way Jim Jones’ followers believed his, which eventually drove 900 of them to mass suicide in 1978 in Guyana. There is no difference between Jim Jones and Donald Trump. Only the scale of the tragedy of a ghastly cult.

Trump could do no wrong in their eyes.


During a heated discussion with a loyal Trump MAGA follower, this author experienced the MAGA mindset firsthand, adorned with an answer to every challenge.

In the case of stating “where are the facts that Biden did not win the elections”, the MAGA response was “They hid it very well”. In the case of asking about Trump raping women and how he spoke publicly about his treatment of them, the answer was “Every man does it”.

The MAGA supporter responded to every fact and allegation by stating a counterpoint that either missed the logic of any normal brain, or stated a classic argument about “This is life”.

Trump could do no wrong in their eyes, and when Trump himself said he could get away murdering someone on 5th Avenue, he knew exactly about the magnetic hold he has on his cult followers.

This author experienced that hold first-hand, and it was jarring.

Like the Jonestown brainwashed followers, the MAGA crowd is as resistant to logic and facts.


It’s probably the same hold Adolph Hitler had on his own people in Germany and Austria, his birthplace. If that is so, one must ask of what it took to release the German people from Hitler’s hold. We all know the answer to that question, which truly begins to alarm those of us who still believe that through elections and denouncing Trump, we could somehow awaken these people from their deep slumber.

We are naive to think so. Some 30 to 40 million Americans are lost in the Trump sea forever. Assuredly, we cannot achieve any kind of success to deprogram the MAGA supporters through facts and truths. It’s just impossible. We are wasting our time.

One of three things must happen for these people to regain their clarity. Donald Trump dies, which might help some, but not all of them. A civil war breaks out in America with immense dire consequences for the lives of all. Or, Trump himself goes on the podium to tell them he lied, which might disperse some of them until the next white nationalist captures their imagination.

Even the latter one might not work because some might question their appearances as a conspiracy involving the U.S. Government. One they hate with passion.

No education, no prison terms, and no court of law facts will change their minds. Like the Jonestown brainwashed followers, the MAGA crowd is as resistant to logic and facts.

The Hardest Truth to Swallow About MAGA

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