The Insurrection Commission Little Hidden Secret

The Insurrection Commission Little Hidden Secret
Little “Goebbels” Steve Bannon

Besides all the websites reading you engage into, or programs you view on your TV screens, with regard to the Insurrection Commission move to criminalize those who ignore its subpoena, there is one aspect about it the mainstream media hardly mentions. It’s the Insurrection Commission little hidden secret dealing with those referred to the DOJ when it comes to the costs of fighting Congress in courts. This, by far, is one of the most important incentives for the little fishes in Trump’s orbit leading them all to testify. They are all terrified by the costs associated with fighting the U.S. Government in courts to avoid prison time as they all should be.

Each and every referral requires the referred to lawyer up to defend themselves. Against a behemoth institution with unlimited resources and hundreds of lawyers at its disposal if necessary.

For a moment, imagine the conversation between the likes of Jeffrey Clark and his wife. “Honey, I’m taking a second mortgage on the house because the Fuhrer told me to do so, and no he won’t pay one red cent towards defending me or paying for my defense. ”

Jeffery Clark might as well hire a divorce attorney too.

Ask anyone who has challenged the DOJ in courts and they will tell you the horror stories to turn your sweet dreams into nightmares. In fact, just ask Mike Flynn who owes $5 millions in legal fees. Ouch!


So far, there have been three high visible referrals the Commission asked the DOJ to rule upon.

The first case belongs to Steve Bannon, who, according to some independent sources, is worth $55 millions. That’s enough money to fight, but he will end up losing a nice chunk of that for paying high-priced lawyers to keep him out of prison.

The second is Jeffery Clark whose civil servant salary ill-affords him to fight the very institution he worked for. According to the very same independent sources, Jeffery Clark is worth between $1 and $5 millions. Clark might as well kiss his net worth goodbye. The man might be gullible enough to believe that Trump would come to his rescue. Good luck with that Jeffy boy.

The third person the Commission is referring to the DOJ, and for which the House has already voted for that referral, is the highest ranking White House official after Donald Trump; however, he also happens to be the poorest among the three traitors. Mark Meadows is worth a meager $1 million.

His indictment and defense will most likely cost him much more. And even if he pursues the legal avenue to claim Executive Privilege, Donald Trump would have to cover these costs otherwise Meadows has no incentive to backtrack on his cooperation with the Commission.

At the end of the day, the legal fees for tall three traitors might become their undoing once they start defending themselves. That’s the Insurrection Commission little hidden secret that no one talks about.

The Insurrection Commission Little Hidden Secret

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