The Making of the American Police Force

The Making of the American Police Force
The Police Officers who refused to save children in Uvalde, Texas. The Making of the American Police Force

The shocking news that the police in Uvalde stood around while a mass murderer finished killing children at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde comes as no surprise to many. The making of the American Police Force has been on a trajectory leading us to George Floyd and Uvalde. One that murders in plain sight unarmed American citizens and the other that stands by while our own children get massacred. This is the reality of a political scenario that has been at work for decades to arm and unleash men of violence on the American people.

Behind it all stand the police unions and the fraternities who have grown fat, violent, and ugly protecting the misdeeds of police across the nation by ignoring the violent trespasses of their members. Meanwhile, our politicians just ignored the danger of this train wreck.

Why do we need police in this country if their forces stand by while children are slaughtered? What is the purpose of these policemen if they cannot protect us from real evil? The answer is none whatsoever. Uvalde might as well dissolve its police force, which seems to be useless when it matters the most.

Not one policeman thought that the orders to stand down were wrong. Not one of them saw it fit to find the courage to save the children on their own.


Some kid, somewhere, just realized that the attention this mass killings of children has reaped is worth emulating. My dear readers, if anyone believes the next mass murder of children is not under way already, you are fooling yourselves.

The police actions, or rather inaction, in Uvalde, Texas has encouraged such planning. And the police in that future community will also stand down. Why? Because there is a culture of survival that has polluted police. The instincts of every police officer is to save themselves at all costs. One can almost bet on it upon watching the cowardice of the police officers just stand by while children die at the hands of a violent extremist with easy access to a weapon of war.

All the while the parents outside were begging the police o save their babies.

One policeman had the insolence to actually handcuff a mother outside the school who was screaming at them to act. Gabe Kapler, the manager of the San Francisco Giants, wrote about it in his Blog as well. The courageous Kapler will no longer appear for the National Anthem until our country fixes its problems.

That tigress of a mother, Angeli Rose Gomez, incidentally, jumped the police fence later and rescued her own two kids. Who said that Texans are tough? When it comes to heroic acts, it seems their police become amazingly cowardly.

It is truly sickening to read about what happened to these children thanks in part to a police department with members unwilling to risk their lives to save others. Not one policeman thought that the orders to stand down were wrong. Not one of them saw it fit to find the courage to save the children on their own.

This, among many things, demonstrates amply what is wrong with this country. Yet, the Republican Party keeps ignoring the danger of 400 million weapons in the hands of Americans, all the while encouraging police violence through their “law and order” dog whistles.

Our system is producing cops that only existed in the Soviet Union or East Germany.


There are lots of things wrong with police departments across this nation. Between their violent racists roaming the streets looking to kill black unarmed men and ignoring the 911 calls of children to save them, this country is at a crossroad. Either we reform police or the people will vote out every bastard in Congress who refuses to act. It’s inevitable.

You cannot convince any woman or mother that Senators defending the NRA is a good thing for our country. Not after watching children die in vain in Texas. Most have already connected the dots. Most know by now that it’s not about the 2nd Amendment Rights, rather it’s about money and power and let the children die in pursuit of both.

We must have stricter gun laws. We must stop selling high-magazine assault weapons most often deranged and violent predators use to kill innocent civilians and children. In order to do that, we need stricter laws and we need to reign over the excessive powers of the police unions protecting bad cops. To accomplish this, we just vote most Republicans out of office.

Our political system is producing cops that only existed in the Soviet Union or East Germany. We must reform the system, or just watch over and over again heart-wrenching videos of massacres of children here at home.

The Making of the American Police Force

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