The New DeSantis Wagner Army

The New DeSantis Wagner Army
The New DeSantis Wagner Army. Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

If you have not yet read the latest from Ron DeSantis, you should really make the effort. It seems that the Governor of Florida is training a class of new DeSantis Wagner army under the pretext of building a Florida State Guard to help during the hurricane’s season. Their mission, it seems, is not to help Floridians during times of needs as the Governor has told them. How do they know this? Because recruits are abandoning the so-called Guard after their training became more militaristic than expected.

This is just another feather in the cap of authoritarianism Ron DeSanctis is practicing with total abandon. a new Wagner-like Guard would provide the Governor with a personal army just as the secret police provides tinpot dictators with control over life.

But don’t bet on this new “Reset” anytime soon to work any magic.


While all this was happening, on the sidelines, it seems DeSantis is planning a reboot of his campaign. Dasha Burns of NBC News described it as:

Expect fewer big speeches and more handshaking in diners and churches. There will be more of a national focus than constant Florida references. And the mainstream media may start to get more access. In short, DeSantis will be running as an insurgent candidate rather than as an incumbent governor.NBC News by Dasha Burns - July 20, 3023

For an Ivy League graduate to figure out the obvious that any reasonable presidential campaigner practices under normal circumstances to enlarge their tents is truly remarkable. It goes to show that the DeSantis bigoted ideological inclinations have total control of any common sense practices.

But don’t bet on this new “Reset” anytime soon to work any magic. Apparently, Ron DeSantis is considering opening another front against Bud Light for its inclusionary policies. Steve Benen of MSNBC called it “Meet the new Ron DeSantis, who looks a lot like the old Ron DeSantis.”

Between the new DeSantis Wagner army and a personal vendetta against policies of inclusions, Ron DeSantis is but another extremist politician trying to ride on the coattails of Donald Trump during times many Americans are refuting Trump and his style.

Then the man in Tallahassee wonders why his numbers are tanking. Against Trump and against Biden should he win the nomination.

The New DeSantis Wagner Army

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