The Supreme Court Statement Trump Forgot to Issue

The Supreme Court Statement Trump Forgot to Issue

After the supreme court ruled against the former Fuhrer with regard to maintaining the insurrection notes and documents sealed in the National Archives, Donald Trump remained silent. No cursing, no berating, and no name calling, which have become the trademark of his sociopath personae. But what if Trump issued a statement? What would it read like? This is the Supreme Court statement Trump forgot to issue. We believe it represents fully the undignified half man Americans have expected to hear or read his words.

Donald Trump remains a free man despite carrying out a coup against the United States Government. Do you wonder why he is? Is it this administration? Or is it the justice system that protects rich and powerful people?


If Trump had to issue one, it would start like this:

“It came to me as a total surprise the Supreme Court’s ruling to unseal the privileged notes surrounding the brave January 6 peaceful demonstration. As their U.S. President, the Court has made a grave mistake not protecting the privileges of the President of the United States. The worst part is that the Court gave permission to an administration that stole the elections from me. That’s so not supreme. Not supreme at all”

Trump would have used the occasion to also manifest some of his anger over the Big Lie by stating categorically that Joe Biden is not the President and that he is. Just your run of the mill rants Trump is capable of when he sounds like a victim.

“The only Uncle Tom Justice I have respect for is Clarence Thomas who voted for me. This is what I call real loyalty. You see, we trained him well.”


Just about when he finishes with his Big Lie rant, Trump would have entered his familiar grounds of pointing fingers at the eight dissenting voices.

Had Trump issued the statement, we believe its second half would read like this:

“Of the eight dissenting Justices, I placed three of them to their positions. The ingrates paid me back in spades when they turned on me. I will publish the home addresses of each one for my confederate Oath Keepers to harass them.

Shame on you for forgetting who nominated you. You are just a bunch of morons who don’t know the meaning of the word “loyalty”. I will never forget or forgive your backstabbing.

As for the rest of the Justices that I did not nominate, especially the liberal ones, when I get back into the White House, I will do everything in my power to replace you. To include a peaceful demonstration by the Oath Keepers on the steps of the Supreme Court. I will make sure to send you all home packing.

The only Uncle Tom Justice I like, for now, is Clarence Thomas who voted for me. This is what I call real loyalty. You see, we trained him well.”

Anyone doubts this is what Donald Trump statement would have read like?

The Supreme Court Statement Trump Forgot to Issue

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