Trump Subliminal Religious Message

Trump Subliminal Religious Message

If you ask someone born in the Middle East about religion, they would be able to tell you pretty much the history of not only the three major religions but also their off-shoots and branch growth. Middle Easterners think in terms of religion. It is part and parcel of the political and social order in that region to self-label on the basis of whose God they follow. Similarly, if you ask anyone born in the United States about race, they pretty much know that the white man has inflicted pain on everyone else who is not white. However, since Trump lost the elections in 2020, the social awareness in the U.S. is beginning to change. Many Americans now see the double whammy of race and religion intersect in the Trump subliminal religious message.

People now know it’s about making sure no Catholic, or Jew, or black people rise to power without a Protestant in charge.

While the national rhetoric remains non-existent when it comes to religion, unlike the “we don’t want any more black pastors coming in here” blatant racism, the fact is that most of the lies, the hoaxes, the conspiracies, and the denials emanating from Trump all the way down to the most inconsequential Republican representative in Congress are about telling us that the conservative and extremist Protestants in this country are not going to permit Catholics and Jews to run it.

Had a Democratic Protestant won the 2020 elections, the GOP would have forced Trump to concede.

Witness the Protestant Paul Gosar stabbing the Catholic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a make belief “anime” video.


The Republican leadership bet on Donald Trump to win a second term in 2020. When their wish failed to materialize, they flew in a rage because the alternative was a Catholic President. All the lies that Trump perpetrated since, to include his attempts to overturn the elections, had one goal only: He did not want to go down in history as the Protestant President who lost the elections to a Catholic.

This is why there are so many angry white Protestant men and women today in the Republican Party. They are becoming more and more violent. Witness the Protestant Paul Gosar stabbing the Catholic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a make belief “anime” video.

How does one explain people like Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, both Catholics, continually fighting for Trump? It’s really simple. Both Judas figures steer their boat to ride the wind in pursuit of their selfish interests. They ignore the underlining reasons since no one openly talks about religion. Unlike racism, which the media often mentions, talking about one’s religious affiliations in the United States is still a taboo. Even though many do not miss the real reasons for Trump’s violent behavior.

When the mentally unstable Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene started the “America First” PAC promoting white Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, the GOP immediately silenced her. Why? Because they did not want to make their lies appear to be religiously motivated. Not yet though. Let the lies and the conspiracies do their damage first.

Breaking the religion taboo is their last resort should they fail to unseat a Catholic President, a Catholic Speaker of the House, and a Jewish Majority Speaker in the Senate.

Or should history repeat itself in 2024.

Watch how all the lies will cease once extremist white Protestants (i.e. Evangelicals) are back in power.

Trump Subliminal Religious Message

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