Tuberville is as Dim-Witted as His Voters

Tuberville is as Dim-Witted as His Voters
Tuberville is as Dim-Witted as His Voters. (J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo)

Senator Tommy Tuberville, whose name derives from the words “Turmoil” and “Ville”, just demonstrated how unfit he is to represent Alabama. Tuberville who understands very little about how the government or the military work just embarrassed himself publicly when he demonstrated he did not understand that the retirement of Gen. Mark Milley by October 1 is final. His supposition was that Milley could stay on while he blocks hundreds of military personnel from their promotions and even nominations to new positions. This sad episode Steve Benen explained on MSNBC demonstrates that coach Tuberville is as dim-witted as his voters are when he showed us how little grasp he has over politics and the rules governing our military.

If his voters have done their homework, they would have selected a more informed and a smarter person to represent them. Instead, America has to deal with a football coach learning on the job while harming our readiness and helping our adversaries abroad.

Besides being one of the most racist State in the Union, Alabama can also boast producing some of the least intelligent men in the Union, after which the State sends them to Washington to harm our military. Well done Alabama.


Tommy Tuberville is a white nationalist with a dangerous agenda. On display today are his actions to weaken the military in the hope that some militant organization, like the Proud Boys, may one day break the country apart. It is an agenda that wants to prosecute 1861 all over again, with the intent of winning that war this time around.

It matters little how hard Washington tries to unite the nation, Tuberville is a living proof that only a total win by the south will be the accepted norm. This dim-witted man came to Washington to harm the Union, folks. He is re-inventing and re-writing 1865 from within.

Tuberville is the guy that once said:

Our government wasn’t set up for one group to have all three branches of government — wasn’t set up that way, you know, the House, the Senate, and the executive.Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama

Who would send a man to Washington whose grasp of politics is that of a 10-year-old but for his dim-witted voters?

Do you think his blockade is about abortions, or a southerner gutting the Union’s military for losing back in 1861? Simply asking.

Just kick his ass out of the Senate in 2026. America deserves better.

Tuberville is as Dim-Witted as His Voters

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