Vladimir Putin Must Be Proud of Today’s GOP

Vladimir Putin Must Be Proud of Today's GOP
Vladimir Putin Must Be Proud of Today’s GOP. REUTERS/Jorge Silva

Watching the GOP manage its affairs by considering Rep. Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House is testimonial to how lost the Republican Party has become as it panders to the extremists and the fanatics. This is no longer a political organization, rather, it has become a threat to the national security of the United States. Vladimir Putin must be proud of today’s GOP. It’s surprising he has not taken to the stage to praise the Freedom Caucus as well as his man in Washington, Donald Trump.

On the second round, out of 217 votes, Jordan lost by 22 votes. This means 195 Republican representatives are now taking direct order from Donald Trump. Only 147 lawmakers backed him after the insurrection by refusing to accept the results of the 2020 election.

How will the GOP retain control of the House in 2024 with this kind of extremist display of loyalty to Trump? Is anyone considering the math? Trump lost in 2020, the red wave did not materialize in 2022 because of him, yet, the fools continue to follow him blindly.

Enough said about a man who deserves nothing but scorn.


Hayes Brown penned a brilliant article for MSNBC that he titled “Jim Jordan should be expelled from the House, not made speaker”. In it, Brown wrote:

That we’re even considering Jordan as a serious option doesn’t seem real. After all, this is the same Jordan whom former Speaker John Boehner, himself an Ohio Republican, described as a “legislative terrorist.” The same Jordan who has spent this Congress chairing the failed “weaponization of the federal government” subcommittee and failing to make the case that the FBI is persecuting conservatives. The same Jordan who was tapped to join the House Intelligence Committee during former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment to act as a pit bull and attack the investigation however he could.MSNBC by Hayes Brown - October 17, 2023

Enough said about a man who deserves nothing but scorn at the least, and at the most, for Congress to throw him out of office for planning and encouraging an insurrection against his own country.

Honestly, Vladimir Putin would be proud of today’s GOP. They are doing exactly what he always conceived as the best plan to defeat the United States from within. How? By sowing chaos and confusion for Americans to fight each other. On the streets, if necessary.

We really need to save this country from their scourge [Matt Gaetz and his gang of seven].


We believe Vladimir Putin just added Matt Gaetz to his Christmas A-list. This nincompoop never expected that his measure to vacate the House would throw the whole country in disarray. And you know what? His voters are as idiotic as he is, and will probably vote him back into office again. Don’t say we did not tell you come November 2024.

Who else voters need to throw out of Congress? The eight members who followed Gaetz to the abyss. If they are such fools as not to realize the harm they are causing, they do not deserve a seat in the House. Let us hope we get rid of all of them in 2024. Let us hope that other more reasonable Republicans or democrats step up to fill that void.

Otherwise, that same chaos we are witnessing today, will repeat itself constantly and indefinitely. Over the course of many years to come. There is no doubt that the kind of extremism on display today is the beginning of a new era in US politics. One willing to destroy in the hope it can build a nation to its own fanatic image. And even though most Americans are either center-right, centrists, or center-left, these imbeciles believe they can, through intimidation and threats, get their way.

We need to prove them wrong in the election booth. We really need to save this country from their scourge.

Vladimir Putin Must Be Proud of Today’s GOP

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