Trump Insurrection 2.0 is Under Way

Trump Insurrection 2.0 is Under Way
Trump Insurrection 2.0 is Under Way. Photograph: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

The public is clueless about the Trump insurrection 2.0, which is underway as he sows chaos in Congress by using his loyal supporters as bait to light a Berlin Reichstag-like fire. Trump has but one purpose. To seize power again using the same 147 who voted to overturn the elections result after January 6. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) dropping out to become the next Speaker of the House has the paw prints of Trump all over it, which means one should expect his candidate, Jim Jordan, to possibly get the nod. Unless enough Republicans, outside the dubious 147, find the courage to stand up to his bullying. A good possibility this may happen, indeed.

So, what do you believe is Trump’s purpose in all of this? Just as the fire of the Reichstag in 1933 ushered Adolf Hitler into power, Trump is calculating that only through chaos and intimidation will he light a fire in Congress that may make him President again. For life, this time around.

He knows that a free election will not help him seize power.

And for those who still think Trump is the best man for the job, you all need an intervention.


There is no telling where this might lead the country, but we imagine Donald Trump is considering all options. To include another violent attack on Congress.

For sure, America will never be safe again unless this man passes away. And even then, many will carry his torch of violence for at least one generation to come.

But, the math is not adding up in favor of Donald Trump’s goal.

New York boasts 26 representatives in Congress. Many, like Mike Lawler (17th district), Anthony D’Esposito (4th district), and Nick LaLota (1st district) have barely squeezed into Congress. They are looking at very tough races ahead of them in 2024, which means they most likely will ignore Donald Trump, a man New York has rejected during the 2020 elections.

Additionally, there are 16 Republican lawmakers who have refuted Trump officially and publicly. This provides an insight into the chaos we see before us as the GOP is unable to select a Speaker they can all agree upon. So, Trump will continue to instigate and provoke, regardless of the consequences for the nation.

Even if the GOP is unable to reach consensus on who will lead Congress, Trump would benefit by publicly stating that he could resolve all these problems if he was President. Just as he claimed Hamas would have never attacked Israel had he been President, which is the blue ribbon of hogwash.

Trump insurrection 2.0 is under way right under our noses. The bully Trump will not stop until he breaks this country, which sits well with our enemies. Especially his special friend Vladimir Putin.

And for those who still think Trump is the best man for the job, you all need an intervention.

Trump Insurrection 2.0 is Under Way

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