We Americans Vote Through Our Biases

We Americans Vote Through Our Biases

When I told a veteran friend, and a Trump supporter with bad health, that President Biden has an important legislation that would guarantee the U.S. Government pays for dental and vision for those on Medicare, he responded to me by saying “I still would not vote for Biden”. At this moment, I realized that we Americans vote through our biases, and not any rational thinking. If in other countries, a politician legislates to assist their constituents, they would earn their respect and future votes. Not in America apparently.

The Republican Party knows that culture and history play a role in garnering support. One would think that Biden’s bold legislative agenda would guarantee the Democrats a shift in voter sympathy, but I am not sure this is possible. The Confederate flag flying inside The Capitol is yet the biggest hint to this truth.

The empire is in peril as long as this low-level civil war of cultural attrition continues.


Our nation is divided along cultural lines that date back to the civil war. Many Americans still believe we are fighting that war through a slow motion legacy of hate that is best expressed with our two political party system. In fact, the two parties are magnifying the divisions every day through a “us” vs. “them” culture.

Mitch McConnell focusing 100% on stopping President Biden confirms this truth.

Of course, the reverse is true when Republicans do something to help the economy. Democrats seem to find every excuse to dispel any notion of gratitude no matter the outcome. We all are driven by our biases.

So, what is the solution to this genetic malfunction our society has adopted with nonsensical fervor? How do we become again the United States of America where rational thinking is the dominant factor driving our politics?

Could the answer be a multi-party system where other ideas and concepts flourish? Or could it be in accepting the fact that we are truly two countries trying to merge into one? Are we like oil and water? Simply unable to become one united country and one cohesive society with differences but without the hate and biases that are driving us today?

I am not smart enough to think there is an answer, or that there is one answer only. But I know this. We cannot continue on this path. The empire is in peril as long as this low-level civil war of cultural attrition continues.

The hate and the divisions are causing this nation to split apart, and it is not impossible for our young Republic to crash like a malfunctioning Hindenburg.

We Americans Vote Through Our Biases

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