Who Will Hurl the First Punch? Trump or DeSantis?

Who Will Hurl the First Punch? Trump or DeSantis?
Who Will Hurl the First Punch? Trump or DeSantis?

The closer we get to the 2024 elections, the more obvious it becomes that the Republican Party’s leadership is about to enter a crisis mode of gargantuan proportions. On one side, we have the despicable and foul-mouthed Donald Trump, and on the other is the darling newcomer for the conservatives in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Folks, this fight reminds us of the fight by Mohammad Ali against Joe Frazier. This is Mike Tyson against Evander Holyfield. Who will hurl the first punch? Despicable Donald Trump or baby faced, dark hearted Ron DeSantis? Both out-of-touch creatures live in Florida.

Our bet is on Trump. DeSantis has not asked for his endorsement, which, we can assure you, is not sitting well with that psycho.

Just imagine the fireworks Trump is about to start to stop DeSantis from stealing the limelight from under his feat. That is if Attorney General Merrick Garland does not prosecute Donald Trump first to help DeSantis announce his 2024 candidacy for president. Could this explain Garland’s reluctance? After all, a food fight between the two is what the doctor ordered for a sick democratic machine. It could literally usher Joe Biden again into the White House, which we are not sure is what the country needs either.


What is Donald Trump thinking he should do with Ron DeSantis? When he hurls the first punch, what form or shape would it take? Would it be an insult on a public stage? Or a statement of undignified abuse? The man is so unhinged, he could come at DeSantis from so many different and unexpected directions.

How will DeSantis respond? With words or actions? As Governor, he could make life quite miserable for Donald Trump, which is a Ron DeSantis marquee signature.

For example, DeSantis could have inspectors descend on Mar-A-Lago and close it down for violations. He could, using his influence with the media, rehash the January 6 Committee findings up until and during the primaries in 2024. While his staff, in the background, travel across the U.S. to make the case against Donald Trump. One that shows clearly the con man cannot possibly win again, or ever.

From our perspective, all we want to see are the fireworks each is preparing against the other. Mostly by arming themselves with below-the-belt intelligence. The problem with this formula is that nothing DeSantis could hurl has not already been made public. Unless DeSantis is able to obtain new intelligence from Trump’s close aides that will shock us even more.

We say this is quite possible. Even deep loyalty has a shelf life.

Anyway, let us soon watch the fireworks in Florida. It will certainly compete with Washington’s 4th of July celebrations.

Who Will Hurl the First Punch? Trump or DeSantis?

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