Why Is AIPAC Chief Stepping Down?

Why Is AIPAC Chief Stepping Down
Why Is AIPAC Chief Stepping Down?

AIPAC, the much demonic organization buying our politicians to serve Israel only, announced that its CEO, Howard Kohr, will retire at the end of the year. Why is AIPAC chief Howard Kohr stepping down so suddenly after reigning over the organization for almost 30 years? What prompted this move? Is it the newly formed Progressive organization “Reject AIPAC”, or is it because AIPAC has decided, in 2024, to actually fund political campaigns, instead of just lobbying, that has placed it under the scrutiny of the law?

There is no doubt that Howard Kohr has energized AIPAC, but it is also apparent that AIPAC supporting the Gaza genocide may have gone a bit too far for some American Jews. It is possible that its membership numbers have been shrinking steadily since October 7, or it’s possible that, behind-the-scene, the department of Justice may have some concerns about a foreign organization funding American politicians.

It could also be that Howard Kohr has been taking his marching orders from Benjamin Netanyahu directly, which rubbed Joe Biden the wrong way. There are endless of possibilities to consider, and all of them are valid to explain the departure of Howard Kohr. Even the delay of Kohr’s stepping down, by December 31, hides some clues as to why.

Moreover, it could be that Howard Kohr and Jeffrey Epstein may have coordinated together to compromise our politicians with the help of Mossad. Like we said, endless possibilities.

Whatever the case, this will certainly weaken AIPAC as it shows instability on top of the pyramid.

Nonetheless, we hope this action finally clips its wings. We hope the American people revolt over AIPAC’s powers, which should belong to the voters instead.


If the Department of Justice has stepped in to reign its political activity, we will find out very soon indeed. We hope that is the case because AIPAC became a swinging wrecking ball that was bound to hit some powerful entities in the face.

Apparently, as the Cleveland Jewish News puts it, “Michael Tuchin, Betsy Berns Korn and Bernie Kaminetsky – AIPAC’s president, board chair and president-elect, respectively – will join others on a search committee, the group’s board and the executive search firm Stanton Chase to find Kohr’s replacement.”

Whomever they pick, be it a more restrained diplomatic chief, or a more aggressive and devout Zionist, the organization will not be the same ever again. The pressure it is enduring, from all corners, for its political activities, must have irked the establishment to the point that AIPAC has no choice but to change course.

Our main concern remains its war chest that buys our politicians. No organization dedicated to a foreign country should have such powers over our political system.

We would like to think it may also be because of the Progressives in the House who have united to fight AIPAC. Under normal circumstances, Jewish organizations work hard to achieve parity among all the political divides. They work hard to make sure every political spectrum backs Israel. So, when a large political alliance, like the Progressives, began fighting AIPAC as AIPAC funded other Democrats using GOP money, this must have sounded the five alarm bells.

It may end up that Kohr has stepped way over the line with his confrontational tactics.

Nonetheless, we hope this action finally clips its wings. We hope the American people revolt over AIPAC’s powers, which should belong to the voters instead.

Why Is AIPAC Chief Stepping Down?

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