Why The Future of Israel Looks Bleak

Why The Future of Israel Looks Bleak
Why The Future of Israel Looks Bleak

Since October 7, almost half of a million Israelis have emigrated overseas. Combined with an economic meltdown that saw the economy shrink by 19.4% in the 4th quarter, Israel as a viable country is under immense duress, much of it of its own making. Much of it is the result of its apartheid system that brought a devastating war to its door steps. Why the future of Israel looks bleak is a combination of extreme and inhumane policies and an unsustainable occupation against people who are unwilling to submit.

Israel, as an entity and as a people, is beginning to realize that it cannot occupy Palestinians indefinitely, nor can it just trample on their rights, properties, and lands to grow a Zionist cancer with a voracious appetite for expansion by stealing other peoples’ lands.

October 7 proved this formula to be irrefutably faulty.

Fighting against a two-state solution is part and parcel of the Israeli government denial of exactly how bad the situation has become.


For the American Zionists, they are beginning to see the bad data trickling into their emails and mailboxes. All the work and money they have spent to populate Israel is just flying out the window as hundreds of thousands of Israelis are abandoning the country for better pastures overseas.

Some of them out of secularism because the crazies have taken control of the asylum, and some because no matter how secure they feel with their IDF defending their nation, living with the sound of sirens blaring on a daily basis, which force them to hide into shelters and basements is taking a toll on their lives.

In northern Israel, tens of thousands of Israelis have abandoned their homes because of Hezbollah rockets and missiles. Today, most of them, armed with European passports, are questioning the viability of living in war zones. That mindset of seeking refuge in a country Israelis believed is theirs for the taking has cast a doubt over the future of Israel as an apartheid state.

The extremist government in Israel, still blind to the realities of its own existence under the present circumstances, is in total denial of the situation. Fighting against a two-state solution is part and parcel of that denial of exactly how bad the situation in Israel has become. Make no mistakes about it, history-wise, there is only one man to blame for Israel’s troubles of today, and his name is Benjamin Netanyahu. In addition to the extremists, he has surrounded himself with.

The least the Palestinians people should demand is that their butcher dies in a lonely cell in some remote country.


While the jury is still out on the full impact of the Gaza War on the Israeli society as a whole, we believe that some of the smarter American Zionists are beginning to see a new Israel taking shape before their eyes. One that relies on peace, more than wars. One that wiser men must lead, instead of the terrorists that are bleeding it to a slow death today.

The Gaza War is also slowly delivering a death blow to US neutrality and influence around the globe. Not that the idiot Joe Biden understands it yet, but there are those who see how much of a liability Israel has become, and only a two-state solution is going to mitigate the unwarranted risks Israel is causing for America’s foreign policy.

How will historians view October 7? They are beginning to understand its impact on Israel, and not just the women and children Netanyahu has butchered in cold blood over the last four months. They are starting to understand, based on the data and the realities on the ground in Israel, that the apartheid status quo will eventually deal a death blow to the Zionist dream.


Maybe now, a two-state solution will become a priority for all. Maybe, both the Israeli and the Palestinian people can finally live in peace. But first steps, as a condition for the peaceful coexistence, Benjamin Netanyahu should be brought in front of the ICC to answer for his crimes.

The least the Palestinians people should demand is that their butcher dies in a lonely cell in some remote country.

In conclusion, the American Zionists started the Iraq War, which became such a disaster for America, and now the Israeli Zionists started the Gaza War to avenge Hamas response to their system of apartheid, which is turning out to be a greater disaster for Israel.

When are we going to stop trusting Zionism and limit its influence?

Why The Future of Israel Looks Bleak

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