Will Biden Let Trump Stand Above the Law?

Will Biden Let Trump Stand Above the Law?

There is immorality and unethical behavior and then there is criminality and villainy. Every time the American voters believe they have witnessed the full depth of Trump’s immorality, they discover how wrong they have been. Who will hold Trump accountable for his illegal behavior? Will Biden let Trump stand above the law by letting the Justice Department ignore his criminality?


The Washington Post received a recording between President Donald Trump and the Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in which Trump pushed the Georgia official to “find” 11,780 votes Trump needs to overturn the Georgia November 3 results. To call this mobster-like behavior shocking begs the question: Where have you been the last four years?

Trump is but the most rotten and disgusting swamp in the way he behaves and conducts what amounts to, in his head, normal business. To the rest of us, it is like watching The Godfather IV while attached to an IV of a cocktail of tranquilizers. How is it possible our heads have not exploded already is simply miraculous.

I think Donald Trump should donate his brain to sciences to study after he departs this life. No guarantee what the scientists might find, but here is my prediction. I think, once they open Trump’s brain, these scientists are going to discover that half his frontal lobe is non-existent.  This would explain his impaired judgment, and his impulsive and irrational behavior. To include trying to steal an election and feeling he committed no wrongs.

If [AG Georgia] Carr is another Raffenseberger, he would bring charges against the President on January 21 for his attempt at interfering in an already certified election outcome.


There are probably many statutes in the State of Georgia that prohibits anyone from interfering in election results. For the President of the United States to ask the Secretary of State to “find” almost 12,000 votes is tantamount, not only to interference, but also to committing fraud.

Under these statutes, the Attorney General of Georgia Chris Carr, who happens to be a Republican, can bring these charges once Trump becomes a private citizen. But as we witnessed in the personae of Mr. Raffensberger, honest and intelligent Georgians are able to differentiate between serving their country as opposed to serving one man. Abiding by the U.S. Constitution as opposed to following a cult leader. If Carr is a man of high integrity, like Raffenseberger, he would bring charges against the Donald Trump on January 21 for his attempt at interfering in an already certified election outcome.

But then, let’s not open the Champagne bottle yet. Wishful thinking and reality rarely intersect.

More important than our reaction, or that of AG Carr, is the one we all expect from the incoming President Joe Biden. Will Biden give Trump a free pass instead of directing the Justice Department to investigate Trump’s criminal behavior between November 4 and January 21? Or will he press-on to make an example of him to protect our democratic institutions from any future onslaught? My bet is on the former. Unless so many powerful people exert a high-level pressure campaign on Biden, Trump may simply get away with his criminality.

After all, it is one elitist old white man protecting another no matter the crime. That’s the honest truce about justice in America. Let’s hope I am wrong.

Will Biden Let Trump Stand Above the Law?

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