AG Merrick Garland is Harming Our Democracy Too

AG Merrick Garland is Harming Our Democracy Too

What is it with old white men ruling this country? Regardless of their ideologies or political affiliations, they seem to rally to protect each other. Joe Biden’s Justice Department is going out of its way to continue down the same corrupt ways of the Trump era. Our AG Merrick Garland is using the powers of the DOJ to assist Trump and his corrupt friends by protecting them from the law. Garland is also refusing to clean the Justice Department, which, under AG Barr, became a cesspool of toxicity. If you think only Trump is killing our democracy, think again. AG Merrick Garland is harming our democracy too by adopting the same Trump’s Department of Justice tactics to dispensing true justice. The corruption, under Merrick Garland, continues and it is truly mind-dizzying.

I am starting to think that AG Garland is a first-class wimp unable to confront the history of his predecessors for fear of offending them. Unless he demonstrates otherwise five months into his position as the Attorney-General of the U.S., Merrick Garland, on the surface, is acting like a gutless fool.

I wonder if Mitch McConnell is haunting him in his dreams.

Why am I being so hard? Read on to find out the things this Justice Department is doing to protect the con man Donald Trump and his corrupt friends. Many of these news stories hardly made the headline to protect the Biden Administration from criticism.

The Trump White House was run like a circus, one to make you cry.


For those who wish to understand the relationship between the Executive Branch of our government and the Justice Department need to know one essential fact. There is none. Because of the executive powers of the U.S. presidency, there are solid DOJ policies that overtly dictate independent actions regardless of the president’s wishes. No U.S. President could ask the DOJ to investigate, or not to investigate any crimes. For the obvious reasons.

So, when the Trump White House calls the DOJ to seek the powers the department yields to punish their enemies, that’s a no-no. It smacks of shameful corruption.

Here is a gem. Chris Cillizza writes for CNN:

In the final days of President Donald Trump’s time in office, his chief of staff sent five emails to the acting attorney general designed to pressure the nation’s top cop to investigate a series of ridiculous claims of election fraud in the 2020 election — among them that Italy had deployed technology that somehow switched votes from Trump to Joe Biden.CNN by Chris Cillizza - June 7, 2021

Not only this is corruption on a scale to make us all wonder how could we trust our government, but the fact that Mark Meadows thinks Italian satellites tampered with voting machines to switch names is the stuff of a twilight zone episode. The Trump White House was run like a circus, one to make you cry.

AG Merrick Garland is harming our democracy by not putting away those who seek to imperil it.


Guess what Merrick Garland is doing with regard to this interference? Nothing. Nada. No investigation and no application of the Justice Department own policies. We all are left to wonder what’s going with Merrick Garland. Is he a wimp afraid to impose the law? or is he protecting other old white men in the hope the next administration might return the favor?

On Paul Manafort, the Garland DOJ interfered to stop him from landing in jail. This is someone who shared election intelligence with Russian intelligence operatives.

On Mike Flynn, Garland drops his prosecution. Flynn later called for a military coup against the U.S. Government. You cannot convince me AG Merrick Garland is not harming our democracy.

On Roger Stone, Garland’s DOJ overrules all four prosecutors, which sets Stone free. He is the one with close ties to the Oath Keepers who attacked our Capitol on 1/6.

AG Merrick Garland is harming our democracy too by not putting away those who seek to imperil it. There are no excuses for his gutless behavior. None whatsoever. His FBI is going after the low-hanging insurrectionists, but not those who matter the most.

What is the percentage of Americans who trust their government? As of April 2021, only 24% of Americans trust their government, and the lack of action by Merrick Garland is one of the reasons why.

AG Merrick Garland is Harming Our Democracy Too

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