Biden Needs to Stop Trump Before 2024

Biden Needs to Stop Trump Before 2024
Russian wooden matryoshka dolls depict President Donald Trump, Vladimir Lenin, a Soviet politician and statesman and Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Red Square in Moscow.Danil Shamkin / Sipa USA via AP

It’s very simple. Between unfavorable diversity demographics and their unabated policies to enrich themselves, the Republican Party might lose every election in the near future. But, wait. Trump comes to the rescue with a plan to dismantle our democracy and to establish a South African perpetual white apartheid rule. Some courageous GOP Republicans, like Liz Cheney, object. But soon enough, many who opposed Trump, like Senator Chuck Grassley, begin to join this racist white-only movement. Biden needs to stop Trump before 2024 because, like a train wreck, everyone is seeing him dismantle our democracy except Joe Biden and Merrick Garland.

The train has left the station. America is on the verge of another attack on its democracy that the white supremacists are planning as you read this Blog.

If Trump “makes a successful return to the presidency in 2024, democracy’s done.”


Don’t believe me? Ask Fiona Hill.

The former senior director for Russian and European affairs on Trump’s National Security Council said to Politico:

If Trump “makes a successful return to the presidency in 2024, democracy’s done.”Fiona Hill - October 11. 2021

She authenticated her claim by quoting an important historical perspective:

This America is looking dangerously like Russia — based on the divisions of Russia in the 1990s and then the Putin system that came out of that. China, Hungary, Venezuela — many of the countries that are expelling immigrants from the region. This is what we’re dealing with. In all of these places, all of these issues are being manipulated and people’s grievances are being whipped up.Fiona Hill - October 11. 2021

Under that scenario, the rich will continue amassing great fortunes as the oligarchs in Russia have done, but the middle class would simply melt away into a world of corporate greed totally in control of our economy.

Do Biden and Garland want their legacy to be remembered as the two men who broke our democracy because of their inaction?


We all know, despite overwhelming evidence, that Donald Trump attempted a coup against the U.S. Government. Yet, he roams free while he prepares for another coup in 2024. With the help of Steve Bannon who has drafted a list of 20,000 white supremacist Americans who would be willing to transfer our democracy into the fascist hands of Trump.

The fact that neither Biden, nor his attorney-general are pursuing Trump legally is placing the whole country in unprecedented danger. Not just our democracy.

Trump is a mental case like no other. If the Biden presidency is unwilling to charge him with sedition, he would come back in 2024 to possibly win a second term. Imagine for a moment what that means in terms of Donald Trump’s own unhinged actions, which are all revenge-based.

It would mean that everyone who crossed Trump’s path would have to deal with this man’s deranged and damaged brains. It means that our political system would have to bend over to accommodate his authoritarian tendencies, which will lead us into a place that would break the country apart.

Do Biden and Garland want their legacy to be remembered as the two men who broke our democracy because of their inaction? I can just see it coming down the pike. It’s inevitable if Biden does not act to stop this madman from coming back to power.

Hey, Mr. President, you have the goods on Trump. What are you waiting for?


As I write this Blog, I am not aware of any effort to hold Trump accountable. Maybe there is a secret effort, long before 2024 comes around, to charge and eventually prosecute the Fuhrer. Maybe our concerns are misplaced.

The silence surrounding Trump’s future is scary. No one knows if Biden is going to spring to action, or is he just a scared old man who fears rocking the boat even if it means salvation for our country? We want to hope there is a secret effort but we cannot be sure because of Joe Biden himself. The man does not project the confidence necessary for people to rest assured he is on top of this Trump problem even though it looks he is not.

This uncertainty about Biden is driving the pessimists to postulate negatively and for the optimists to live on the edge while chewing their nails. We are simply not sure if Biden is able to protect our democracy, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Biden Needs to Stop Trump Before 2024

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