Trump Had Only Two Months to Mount a Coup

Trump Had Only Two Months to Mount a Coup

On September 21, the Democrats in the House introduced the Protecting Our Democracy Act whose purpose is to curb the powers of the Executive Branch after the abuses it endured during the presidency of the previous one. Overall, there is a strong bipartisanship support for the law to pass. Some 150 organizations signed a letter demanding it becomes law. However, considering that the insurrection failed to overturn the elections because Trump had only two months to mount a coup, this time around Trump has four years to complete that mission.

Laws or no laws.

Since when this mental case respected any laws?

Trump had only two months and almost succeeded. I can assure you, he won’t fail after four year of planning.


Between Trump losing the elections on November 3, 2020 and the insurrection to steal the elections, exactly 65 days separate the two dates. That’s 65 days to plan, prepare, and implement a coup against one of the most powerful and most resilient countries in the world. Ask yourself how hard this would be, and yet Trump came close to actually turning the United States of America into the Fascist States of America.

Now, ask yourself if Trump had four years to prepare for another coup what his success rate might look like. Would you say he has a 30% chance of success? 50%? Whatever % you might consider, it’s one too many. Our country cannot afford to turn into a wasteland by a mentally ill dictator the way Hitler turned Germany into a wasteland.

Trump had only two months and almost succeeded. I can assure you, he won’t fail again. Especially, with four years of planning under his belt, and thousands of willing political appointees or planted arsonists, agitators, and anarchists working inside the U.S. Government.

Call me alarmist. I would rather be an alarmist than living under martial laws.

We don’t need their [Trump supporters] votes 68% of which are cast by mentally ill people.


While this administration goes to sleep on locking up Donald Trump for his coup attempt, Trump is preparing for his next coup by making sure he surrounds himself with people, at all levels, who will, next time around, take his orders without questions.

In other words, Trump is now selecting and vetting a large group of future political appointees he intends to introduce them, after he runs and wins in 2024, in select sensitive positions for his next coup to succeed.

Anyone who believes Trump is not using this free time to plan to take over the U.S. Government again is as gullible as those who voted for him.

Yet, procrastination has become the Modus Operandi of a hesitant White House frozen in the time capsule of bipartisanship while Trump and his cohorts roam free to plan for another coup. We must send a strong signal to all Trump supporters that they are not welcome to vote for him again. How do we do that? By locking Trump up. For the rest of his miserable life.

In fact, the country would be better off if they decided not to vote at all again. We don’t need their votes 68% of which are cast by mentally ill people.

Hey, Mr. President, lock Trump up. Come now, you can do it.


The effort by Congress to diminish the powers of the Executive Branch, which have been abused over the last 40 years, is admirable. The balance of powers between the Executive and the Legislative Branches is what makes us strong, and our democracy operating under optimum conditions.

But laws mean nothing if the people do not respect and uphold them. Here is a déjà vu scenario to understand my meaning.

Donald Trump runs again for office. If he wins because of all the new voting rights suppressive laws, he would plant his supporters to carry out his orders, which means you might as well say sayonara to the United States of America. Do you really believe he would respect the Protecting Our Democracy Act and the laws it would enshrine?

If he loses, just imagine the Big Lie Two. Can our country afford more divisions and more hate? Can we afford to go through few more years of cultural wars that aim at tearing us apart?

Hey, Mr. President, lock Trump up. Come now, you can do it.

The country would stand behind you knowing it’s a necessary step to heal this nation and to open a new chapter in this democracy’s journey. Don’t let the wimps in your administration, who fear their shadows, dictate ill-advised policies.

Trump Had Only Two Months to Mount a Coup

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