Blinken Hypocrisy Is Hard to Miss

Blinken Hypocrisy Is Hard to Miss
Blinken Hypocrisy Is Hard to Miss. Photo by Jonathan Pool

Secretary Antony Blinken, feeling a global heat descend on Washington for condoning Israeli war crimes against civilians, tried to backtrack on his own extremism. He said that “far too many Palestinians have been killed”, yet he still firmly stands against a ceasefire. In that regard, Blinken hypocrisy is hard to miss. Either his diplomacy seeks to save innocent lives, or kill them. He cannot play both sides just because the world has turned on Israel for its killing fields in Gaza.

Our Arab allies are not children Blinken can manipulate as he stands in front of the press to appease with hollow words and no action. If he really thinks too many innocent Palestinians have died, then he should work to engineer a ceasefire to ease the pains of innocent women and children.

Let us not forget that only few days ago, exactly on November 4, the Secretary refused to interfere to put an end to the sufferings of Palestinians by opposing a ceasefire.


Jennifer Hansler of CNN quoted Blinken, during a diplomatic trip that goes through Israel, Jordan, the West Bank, Turkey, Iraq, Japan, and South Korea, as saying:

Far too many Palestinians have been killed. Far too many have suffered these past weeks. We want to do everything possible to prevent harm to them and to maximize the assistance that gets to them. To that end, we’ll be continuing to discuss with Israel the concrete steps to be taken to advance these objectives.CNN by Jennifer Hansler - November 10, 2023

Is it possible, given the global firestorm in response to Israeli attacks on civilians, that the United States has pivoted by trying to find a solution to its dilemma? Not only the world is revolting against Israel, but also voters at home are unhappy with Biden’s supporting an Israeli government so extreme, he knew it may make matters worse. Or, maybe he did not, and he realized a bit too late.


At the beginning of the Gaza War, President Biden, along with Secretary Blinken, tried to silence the diplomats who opposed Israeli aggression against Gaza. Knowing what we know today in terms of global protests to Israeli actions, and our enemies taking advantage of our blind support for Israel, Biden sidelining our diplomats was a mistake. Instead of listening to the experts, Biden and Blinken opposed them to the detriment of our foreign policy.

Blinken is now picking up the pieces of that ignorant step. It goes to show the world that the President is out of touch with reality.

Add to the equation, China’s push to win the hearts and minds of the Arab people at the expense of US interests, and you have a disaster in the making. All because Biden acquiesced to sending weapons to an extremist government in Israel and Netanyahu could not control his instincts to exact a horrible revenge on the innocent.

Reversing the damage is impossible. All we hope for is that the President and his Secretary find the wisdom to force Israel to strike peace with the Palestinians, in spite of its fanatic settlers, on terms that Israel may not like.

Otherwise, Arabs would start learning Chinese in schools.

Blinken Hypocrisy Is Hard to Miss

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