Democracy Red Alert: The Big Lie is Working

Democracy Red Alert The Big Lie is Working
Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images)

When the results of a CNN Poll tell us that 75% of Republicans, most of whom are Trump supporters, believe that our democracy is under attack, we have to sound the democracy red alert. What the poll indicates is that the Big Lie is working. Tens of millions of Americans believe it, and this is becoming increasingly dangerous for the country. Trump’s assault on our democracy is yielding results the kind that a fascist dictator can use to dismantle any institutions, which might stand in his way.

In an article for CNN, Jennifer Agiesta and Ariel-Edwards-Levy write:

Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to say that democracy is under attack, and that view is most prevalent among those who support former President Donald Trump. All told, 75% of Republicans say democracy is under attack, compared with 46% of Democrats. CNN by Jennifer Agiesta and Ariel Edwards-Levy - September 15, 2021

The CNN Poll is a reminder for this administration that it must do something about stopping Donald Trump. If Attorney-General Merrick Garland does not indict him for mounting a coup, we will all come to regret this lack of action. So far, though, there is no indication anyone at The White House seems to understand what this new polling number means for the country. It’s apathy on a scale that challenges any common sense.

Do you get the sense, like me, that our country is truly falling apart?


If the Big Lie is having an effect on the masses believing our elections were stolen, guess what is coming around the corner. It’s big lie number 2 unless Donald Trump and the white racist supremacists win every election. In fact, there is no sense running elections anymore. Just hand out the wins to the white Republicans. Every time with no exceptions. Otherwise, they will keep hammering on the notion that elections were stolen from them until they win every election. By hook or by crook.

There is no real effort on the part of our leaders to stop the man dismantling our democracy. It is simply insane to think that only the people who are sounding the alarm fully grasp the reality of this moment in our modern history. It is insane that President Biden is doing nothing to stop Trump.

Is that bipartisanship, Mr. President? If it is, it’s not working. Hear it not working in the video below:

And at the rate we are going, Trump will probably prevail with men like Garland and Biden are in control.


I am sorry to say that President Joe Biden is a weakling, which might explain Trump’s boldness in keeping to inject his poison. I am not a fan of Ronald Reagan because of his economic agenda, but had it been Reagan in the White House today, Trump would be basking in a prison cell at Rikers island.

The Democrats, by nature, are far more pacifist than their counterparts the predators in the Republican Party. It’s alpha vs. beta males in the manosphere of politics. This might explain why Democratic Presidents usually shy away from conflict and confrontation.

Compare how long it took Senator Mitch McConnell to change the filibuster rules to inject conservative judges into supreme courts as compared to how much Biden is struggling to use the same tactic to pass important legislation for our country when he controls both houses.

Trump understands the dynamics here, and this is why he is doubling down on making sure he or his brand of politics never again loses an election. And at the rate we are going, Trump will probably prevail with men like Garland and Biden in control.

Democracy Red Alert: The Big Lie is Working

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